E Flynn and Annie Chang

R package for sex labeling expression data. Still beta version.

To install, in R 1. Install three Bioconductor packages for data mapping: BiocManager::install(c("", "", "")) 2. Make sure you have devtools installed and loaded, then run: devtools::install_github(erflynn/exprsex). This will also prompt you to install the required dependencies.

To run: 1. Download an expression dataset using getPrepGSE(gse) 2. Prepare the input by running: reorderRank(expr) 3. Then, either: * Train a sex labeler: fit <- trainSexLab(expr, sex_lab) * Or run sex labeling: predSexLab(fit, expr)

Sex labeling genes are from ISEXs (Bongen et al., in preparation).

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