Man pages for funnell/reactomefi
Reactome FI network analysis tools

annotate-methodsAnnotate Network
annotateModules-methodsAnnotate Network Modules
buildCytoscapeGraph-methodsBuild Cytoscape Graph
build-methodsBuild Network
cluster-methodsCluster Network
df2tsvData Frame to TSV Convert a data frame (not including...
extractFIsExtract FIs From XML Document Extract FI gene pairs from an...
extractProteinInfoextract Protein Info Extract protein information including...
fis2strFIs to String Convert a FI data frame into a string according...
fis-methodsRetrieve FI Network Data
genes-methodsRetrieve Network Genes
getPostXMLGet POST Query XML Response Make a POST request to a URL with...
ggplot.netggplot Network Plot network edges and vertices using ggplot
glioblastoma.mafGlioblastoma MAF
HotNetHotNet Class
layout.netLayout ReactomeFINetwork Retrieve the coordinates for the...
maf2genescoresNCI MAF to genescore
modules-methodsRetrieve Network Module Data
plot-methodsPlot Network Plot the interaction network. Layout methods are...
queryAnnotateGeneSet-methodsQuery Annotate Gene Set
queryAnnotateModules-methodsQuery Annotate FI Network Module Gene Set
queryBuildNetwork-methodsQuery Build Network
queryCluster-methodsQuery Cluster Functional Interaction Network
queryEdge-methodsQuery Edge
queryFIsBetween-methodsQuery FIs Between Genes
queryFIs-methodsQuery Functional Interactions
queryHotNetAnalysis-methodsQuery HotNet Analysis
ReactomeFINetworkReactomeFINetwork Class
ReactomeFIServiceReactomeFIService Class
service-methodsRetrieve ReactomeFIService Object
serviceURL-methodsRESTful API URL
subnet-methodsCreate HotNet ReactomeFI Network
version-methodsReactome FI Network Version
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