Man pages for jdreyf/ezlimma
Streamlines and extends limma package

batch2designTransform factor vector into design matrix
clean_filenamesAlter names to valid filenames
combine_pvaluesCombine p-values of a feature over multiple p-value columns...
df_signifApply 'signif' function to numeric columns of data frames
ezcorTest correlation of each row of an object to a phenotype...
eztoptabWrapper for limma topTable function
fry_two2one_tailedConvert 2-tailed into 1-tailed p-values from fry
g_indexCreate object with indices of genes per gene set
hitmanHigh-throughput mediation analysis
limma_contrastsApply lmFit,, & eBayes to one or more contrasts
limma_corTest correlation of each row of object to phenotype using...
limma_depTest (conditional) dependence of two variables
limmaFF-test of each row of object using design matrix
limma_pcorTest partial correlation of each row of an object to a...
logfc2fcTransform a log2 fold-change to a fold-change
modify_hitman_pvaluesModify p-values of hitman
mroast_two2one_tailedConvert 2-tailed into 1-tailed p-values from mroast
multi_corTest correlation of each row of an object to each column of...
multiTopTabCombine one or more toptables extracted from linear model fit
prop_changedCalculate proportion of changed features per pathway
read_gmtRead gene set file with GMT extension to a list
roast_contrastsTest contrasts of gene sets between groups using rotation...
roast_corTest association of gene sets to phenotype using rotation...
roast_one_tailedConvert roast two-tailed results to one-tailed
two2one_tailedConvert 2-tailed into 1-tailed p-values
write_linked_xlsxWrite Excel XLSX file with links to CSVs
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