Man pages for jmw86069/multienrichjam
Analysis and Visualization of Multiple Gene Set Enrichments

cnet2dfSummarize Cnet igraph as a data.frame
cnet2imConvert Cnet igraph to incidence matrix
cnetplot_internalJamcnetplot internal function
cnetplotJamCreate a cnetplot igraph object
curateIPAcolnamesCurate Ingenuity IPA colnames
drawEllipseDraw ellipse
enrichDF2enrichResultConvert data.frame to enrichResult
enrichList2dfConvert enrichList to data.frame
enrichList2IMConvert enrichList to IM incidence matrix
enrichMapJamCreate enrichMap igraph object
find_colnameFind colname by character string or pattern matching
fixSetLabelsFix Set labels for legibility
gsubsPattern replacement with multiple patterns
igraph2pieGraphConvert igraph to use pie node shapes
importIPAenrichmentImport Ingenuity IPA enrichment results
isColorBlankDetermine if colors are blank colors
layout_with_qfrigraph layout using qgraph Fruchterman-Reingold
layout_with_qfrfigraph layout function using qgraph Fruchterman-Reingold
list2concordanceConvert list to concordance matrix
list2imconvert list to incidence matrix
list2imSignedconvert list to signeddirectional incidence matrix
multiEnrichMapPrepare MultiEnrichMap data from enrichList
rectifyPiegraphConvert pie igraph node shapes to coloredrectangle
removeIgraphBlanksRemove igraph blank wedges
reorderIgraphNodesRe-order igraph nodes
shape.coloredrectangle.plotplot function for igraph vertex shape coloredrectangle
shape.ellipse.plotplot function for igraph vertex shape ellipse
subsetCnetIgraphSubset Cnet igraph
topEnrichBySourceSubset enrichList for top enrichment results by source
topEnrichListBySourceSubset enrichList for top enrichment results by source
xyAngleGet angle from origin to vector of x,y coordinates
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