Man pages for liuqivandy/scRNABatchQC
a package for quality control of multiple single cell RNAseq data

Bio_OnescRNAseqprocess one scRNAseq dataset to generate biological metadata
Combine_scRNAseqcombine multiple scRNAseq datasets into one and generate QC...
generateReportgenerate a QC report in a html file
plotAllPCAplot PCA for the combined dataset
plotAlltSNEplot tSNE for the combined dataset
plotDiffgenesplot differentially expressed genes between any two datasets
plotDiffPathwaysplot pathways enriched in differentially expressed genes
plotGeneCountDistributionplot the gene count distribution
plotHVGsplot HVGs
plotHVGsPathwaysplot pathways enriched in HVGs
plotPCgenesplot PC-related genes
plotPCPathwaysplot pathways enriched in PC-related genes
plotSampleSimilarityplot the similarity across sample sets
plotVarianceExplainedplot variance explained by one specific feature
plotVarianceTrendplot Mean~variance trend
Process_OnescRNAseqprocess one scRNAseq dataset to generate QC metadata
Process_scRNAseqprocess scRNAseq datasets one by one to generate QC metadata
scRNABatchQCQC across multiple scRNAseq datasets
Tech_OnescRNAseqprocess one scRNAseq dataset to generate technical metadata
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