Defines functions multi_subsetChr

#' subset based on chr
#' given a data frame subset out specific a chromosome
#' @name multi_subsetChr
#' @param x a data frame with columns chromosome
#' @param chr character string specifying UCSC chromosome to subset on
#' @return object of class data frame
#' @noRd

multi_subsetChr <- function(x, chr)
    # if all is specified nothing to subset, return dataframe as is
    if(toupper(chr) == 'ALL')
    # if chromosome column is not a factor coerce to one
    if(!is(x$chromosome, "factor"))
        memo <- paste0("chromosome column supplied is not a factor, attempting",
                       " to coerce...")
        x$chromosome <- as.factor(x$chromosome)
    # subset data frame based on value specified in chr argument
    if(any(chr == levels(x$chromosome)))
        x <- x[x$chromosome == chr,]
    } else {
        memo <- paste0("Argument supplied to chr does not match levels found",
                       " in the chromosome column of argument supplied to x")

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