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Computes the scores for the MulCom test. The function calculates the numerator and the denominator of the test without the parameters m and t


mulScores(eset, index)



An an AffyBatch object, each row of must correspond to a variable and each column to a sample.


a numeric vector of length ncol(data) with the labels of the samples. 0 are the reference samples.


'mulScore' computes the scores for the MulCom test for multiple point profile. The Mulcom test is designed to compare each experimental mean with the control mean and it is derived from the "Dunnett's test". Dunnett's test controls the Experiment-wise Error Rate and is more powerful than tests designed to compare each mean with each other mean. The test is conducted by computing a modified t-test between each experimental group and the control group.


An Object of class MULCOM from Mulcom package


Claudio Isella,


mulcom_scores <- mulScores(Affy, Affy$Groups)

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