plotBM: Visualization of a binary matrix

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This function produces simple, heatmap-like visualizations of binary matrices.


plotBM(x, boxCol = "darkblue", reorder = FALSE, frame = TRUE, ...)



Binary matrix to visualize


Color to use for boxes of '1's


logical; states whether the rows shall be reordered according to the size of the category


logical; states whether a frame should be drawn around the visualization. In contrast to the frame drawn in plot.default, there is no gap between the visualization and this frame.


further arguments passed on to plot.default


For reordering, each row is interpreted as a binary matrix, for example a row z=(1,0,0,1) would be interpreted as the binary number 1001 = 9 in the decimal system. Rows are then reordered by the frequency of each binary number with the rows that correspond to the most frequent binary number shown at the top in the visualization.


The function invisibly returns the (reordered) matrix x, but its mainly called for its side effect of producing the visualization.


An alternative way to display such matrices are given by heatmap or, the simpler version thereof, image. However, image files produced with this functions tend to be very large. This function uses plot.default and polygon which results in much smaller file sizes and is sufficient for binary matrices.


Joern Toedling

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a 0  0   1  0
b 0  1   1  0
c 1  0   1  0
d 1  0   0  1
e 1  0   0  0
f 1  1   0  1
g 1  0   0  1
h 0  0   1  1
i 0  0   0  0
j 1  0   0  1
k 1  1   1  1
l 1  1   0  0
m 0  1   0  1
n 0  0   1  0
o 1  0   0  0
p 0  1   1  0
q 0  1   0  0
r 0  1   1  0
s 0  1   1  0
t 1  1   1  0

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