cdfAddPlasqTypes: Adds the PLASQ types for the probes in a CDF structure

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Adds the PLASQ types for the probes in a CDF structure.

This function is design to be used with applyCdfGroups() on an Affymetrix Mapping (SNP) CDF list structure.





A list structure with groups. Each group must contain the fields tbase, pbase, and expos.


Not used.


This function identifies the number of nucleotides (bases) in probe sequences that mismatch the the target sequence for allele A and the allele B, as used by PLASQ [1], and adds an integer [0,15] interpreted as one of 16 probe types. In PLASQ these probe types are referred to as: 0=MMoBR, 1=MMoBF, 2=MMcBR, 3=MMcBF, 4=MMoAR, 5=MMoAF, 6=MMcAR, 7=MMcAF, 8=PMoBR, 9=PMoBF, 10=PMcBR, 11=PMcBF, 12=PMoAR, 13=PMoAF, 14=PMcAR, 15=PMcAF.

Pseudo rule for finding out the probe-type value:

Example: (PM,A,c,R) = 8 + 4 + 2 + 0 = 14 (=PMcAR)


Returns a list structure with the same number of groups as the groups argument. To each group, one fields is added:


A vector of integers in [0,15].


Henrik Bengtsson


[1] LaFramboise T, Weir BA, Zhao X, Beroukhim R, Li C, Harrington D, Sellers WR, and Meyerson M. Allele-specific amplification in cancer revealed by SNP array analysis, PLoS Computational Biology, Nov 2005, Volume 1, Issue 6, e65.

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