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Affymetrix File Parsing SDK

1._Dictionary1. Dictionary
2._Cell_coordinates_and_cell_indices2. Cell coordinates and cell indices
9._Advanced_-_Cell-index_maps_for_reading_and_writing9. Advanced - Cell-index maps for reading and writing
affxparser-packagePackage affxparser
applyCdfGroupFieldsApplies a function to a list of fields of each group in a CDF...
applyCdfGroupsApplies a function over the groups in a CDF structure
arrangeCelFilesByChipTypeMoves CEL files to subdirectories with names corresponding to...
cdfAddBaseMmCountsAdds the number of allele A and allele B mismatching...
cdfAddPlasqTypesAdds the PLASQ types for the probes in a CDF structure
cdfAddProbeOffsetsAdds probe offsets to the groups in a CDF structure
cdfGetFieldsGets a subset of groups fields in a CDF structure
cdfGetGroupsGets a subset of groups in a CDF structure
cdfGtypeCelToPQFunction to imitate Affymetrix' gtype\_cel\_to\_pq software
cdfHeaderToCelHeaderCreates a valid CEL header from a CDF header
cdfMergeAllelesFunction to join CDF allele A and allele B groups strand by...
cdfMergeStrandsFunction to join CDF groups with the same names
cdfMergeToQuartetsFunction to re-arrange CDF groups values in quartets
cdfOrderByOrders the fields according to the value of another field in...
cdfOrderColumnsByOrders the columns of fields according to the values in a...
cdfSetDimensionSets the dimension of an object
compareCdfsCompares the contents of two CDF files
compareCelsCompares the contents of two CEL files
convertCdfConverts a CDF into the same CDF but with another format
convertCelConverts a CEL into the same CEL but with another format
copyCelCopies a CEL file
createCelCreates an empty CEL file
findCdfSearch for CDF files in multiple directories
findFilesFinds one or several files in multiple directories
invertMapInverts a read or a write map
isCelFileChecks if a file is a CEL file or not
parseDatHeaderStringParses a DAT header string
readBpmapParses a Bpmap file
readCcgReads an Affymetrix Command Console Generic (CCG) Data file
readCcgHeaderReads an the header of an Affymetrix Command Console Generic...
readCdfParsing a CDF file using Affymetrix Fusion SDK
readCdfCellIndicesReads (one-based) cell indices of units (probesets) in an...
readCdfDataFrameReads units (probesets) from an Affymetrix CDF file
readCdfGroupNamesReads group names for a set of units (probesets) in an...
readCdfHeaderReads the header associated with an Affymetrix CDF file
readCdfIsPmChecks if cells in a CDF file are perfect-match probes or not
readCdfNbrOfCellsPerUnitGroupGets the number of cells (probes) that each group of each...
readCdfQcReads the QC units of CDF file
readCdfUnitNamesReads unit (probeset) names from an Affymetrix CDF file
readCdfUnitsReads units (probesets) from an Affymetrix CDF file
readCdfUnitsWriteMapGenerates an Affymetrix cell-index write map from a CDF file
readCelReads an Affymetrix CEL file
readCelHeaderParsing the header of an Affymetrix CEL file
readCelIntensitiesReads the intensities contained in several Affymetrix CEL...
readCelRectangleReads a spatial subset of probe-level data from Affymetrix...
readCelUnitsReads probe-level data ordered as units (probesets) from one...
readChpA function to read Affymetrix CHP files
readClfParsing a CLF file using Affymetrix Fusion SDK
readClfEnvParsing a CLF file using Affymetrix Fusion SDK
readClfHeaderRead the header of a CLF file.
readPgfParsing a PGF file using Affymetrix Fusion SDK
readPgfEnvParsing a PGF file using Affymetrix Fusion SDK
readPgfHeaderRead the header of a PGF file into a list.
updateCelUpdates a CEL file
updateCelUnitsUpdates a CEL file unit by unit
writeCdfCreates a binary CDF file
writeCdfHeaderWrites a CDF header
writeCdfQcUnitsWrites CDF QC units
writeCdfUnitsWrites CDF units
writeCelHeaderWrites a CEL header to a connection
writeTpmapWrites BPMAP and TPMAP files.
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