writeCelHeader: Writes a CEL header to a connection

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Writes a CEL header to a connection.


writeCelHeader(con, header, outputVersion=c("4"), ...)



A connection.


A list structure describing the CEL header, similar to the structure returned by readCelHeader().


A character string specifying the output format. Currently only CEL version 4 (binary;XDA) are supported.


Not used.


Currently only CEL version 4 (binary;XDA) headers can be written.


Returns (invisibly) the pathname of the file created.

Redundant fields

The CEL v4 header contains redundant information. To avoid inconsistency this method generates such redundant values from the original values. This is consistent to how the CEL reader in Fusion SDK does it, cf. readCelHeader(). The redundant information is in the (CEL v3) header field, which contains the CEL header information as it would appear in the CEL v3 format. This in turn contains a DAT header field reproducing the DAT header from the image analysis. It is from this DAT header that the chip type is extracted.


Henrik Bengtsson

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