sig.gene76: Signature used to compute the Relapse Score (GENE76) as...

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List of 76 affymetrix hgu133a probesets representing 60 unique genes included in the GENE76 signature. The EntrezGene.ID allows for mapping and the coefficient allows for signature computation.




sig.gene76 is a matrix with 10 columns containing the annotations and information related to the signature itself.



Y. Wang and J. G. Klijn and Y. Zhang and A. M. Sieuwerts and M. P. Look and F. Yang and D. Talantov and M. Timmermans and M. E. Meijer-van Gelder and J. Yu and T. Jatkoe and E. M. Berns and D. Atkins and J. A. Foekens (2005) "Gene-Expression Profiles to Predict Distant Metastasis of Lymph-Node-Negative Primary Breast Cancer", Lancet, 365(9460):671–679.



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