scmgene.robust: Subtype Clustering Model using only ESR1, ERBB2 and AURKA...

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List of parameters defining the Subtype Clustering Model as published in Wirapati et al 2009 and Desmedt et al 2008 but using single genes instead of gene modules.




List of parameters for SCMGENE:


List of parameters for the mixture of three Gaussians (ER-/HER2-, HER2+ and ER+/HER2-) that define the Subtype Clustering Model. The structure is the same than for an Mclust object.


Cutoff for AURKA module score in order to identify ER+/HER2- High Proliferation (aka Luminal B) tumors and ER+/HER2- Low Proliferation (aka Luminal A) tumors.


ESR1, ERBB2 and AURKA modules.



Desmedt C, Haibe-Kains B, Wirapati P, Buyse M, Larsimont D, Bontempi G, Delorenzi M, Piccart M, and Sotiriou C (2008) "Biological processes associated with breast cancer clinical outcome depend on the molecular subtypes", Clinical Cancer Research, 14(16):5158–5165.



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List of 4
 $ parameters    :List of 3
 $ gaussian.AURKA: Named num [1:2] -0.28 0.294
  ..- attr(*, "names")= chr [1:2] "mean" "sigma"
 $ rescale.q     : num 0.05
 $ mod           :List of 3

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