Biocview "Homo_sapiens_Data"

ARACNe-inferred gene networks from TCGA tumor datasets
Curated Data From The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) as MultiAssayExperiment Objects
Curated Metagenomic Data of the Human Microbiome
Curated Metagenomic Data of the Human Microbiome
Data accompanying the pRoloc package
Data for TCGAbiolinks package
Data for TCGA Workflow
Data for the Harman package
Data package with transcript expression and bi-allelic genotypes from the GEUVADIS project
Example data for the `artemis` package
Example data for the `sleuth` package
Illumina 450k data on sorted cord blood cells
Integration of multiple microRNA-target databases with their disease and drug associations
LINCS Knock-Out Data Package
LINCS Knock-Out Data Package
Pathway correlation coefficients and p values between pre-defined gene sets
Pathway fingerprint vectors representing a subsection of arrays from the GEO data repository
Processed BigWigs from BrainSpan for examples
QDNAseq bin annotation for hg19
VirtUaL ChIP-Seq data Analysis using Networks, dummy dataset
WGSCS Data for Demonstration Purposes