Biwa_datalist: Colonization and branching times of 68 fish clades.

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Colonization and branching times of 68 fish clades.


A list containing the colonization and branching times of the fishes of Lake Biwa (Japan). Main dataset used in Hauffe et al (2020). This list can be generated using the DAISIE_dataprep function, which converts a user-specified data table into a data object, but the object can of course also be entered directly. It is an R list object with the following elements.

The first element of the list has two components:

$island_age - the island age
$not_present - the number of mainland lineages that are not present on the island

The following elements of the list each contains information on a single colonist lineage on the island and has 5 components:

$colonist_name - the name of the species or clade that colonized the island
$branching_times - island age followed by stem age of the population/species in the case of Non-endemic, Non-endemic_MaxAge species and Endemic species with no close relatives on the island. For endemic clades with more than one species on the island (cladogenetic clades/ radiations) these should be island age followed by the branching times of the island clade including the stem age of the clade.
$stac - the status of the colonist

* Non_endemic_MaxAge: 1
* Endemic: 2
* Endemic&Non_Endemic: 3
* Non_endemic: 4
* Endemic_MaxAge: 5 or 6

$missing_species - number of island species that were not sampled for particular clade (only applicable for endemic clades)
$type1or2 - whether the colonist belongs to type 1 or type 2. In this dataset all are equal to 1.


A list with 69 elements, the first of which contains 2 elements and the following 68 containing 5 components.


Hauffe, T., D. Delicado, R.S. Etienne and L. Valente. Lake expansion elevates equilibrium diversity via increasing colonisation. (2020) Journal of Biogeography

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