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DAISIE_convertprobdistR Documentation

Converts the joint distribution of endemics and non-endemics under the DAISIE model to list format


This function converts the joint distribution of the number of endemics and non-endemics from the matrix format of DAISIE_probdist to a list format





Probability distribution in matrix format as output by DAISIE_probdist().


A list of length nrow(pb) containing matrices of square dimensions of size sqrt(ncol - 1) containing the joint probabilities with endemics in the rows and non-endemics in the columns. The last element of the list is a vector a times at which the joint probability distribution is evaluated.


Rampal S. Etienne


Valente, L.M., A.B. Phillimore and R.S. Etienne (2015). Equilibrium and non-equilibrium dynamics simultaneously operate in the Galapagos islands. Ecology Letters 18: 844-852.


### Compute the probability distribution at t = 4 and t = 8, for a mainland pool
# size of 250 potential colonists and a vector of 5 parameters (cladogenesis, extinction,
# clade-level carrying capacity, immigration, anagenesis) starting from an empty
# island; store in list format

pb <- DAISIE_probdist(
   pars1 = c(0.3,0.35,Inf,0.75,0.012),
   pars2 = c(100,250),
   tvec = c(4,8),
   initEI = c(0,0),
   initprobs = NULL
prob_dists <- DAISIE_convertprobdist(pb)

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