Man pages for GPoM
Generalized Polynomial Modelling

allToTestThis is data to be included in my package
autoGPoMoSearchautoGPoMoSearch : automatic search of polynomial Equations
autoGPoMoTestautoGPoMoTest: Test models numerical integrability & classify...
bDrvFiltbDrvFilt : Build Derivative Filter
cano2McanoToM : Converts canonical formulation into matricial...
compDerivcompDeriv : Computes the successive derivatives of a time...
d2pMaxd2pMax : provides pMax given dMax and nVar
derivODE2deriveODE2 : A Subfonction for the numerical integration of...
detectP1limCycldetectP1limCycl : Detect limit cycles of period-1
drvSuccdrvSucc : Computes the successive derivatives of a time...
findAllSetsfindAllSets : find all potential systems (a set of equations)...
gloMoIdgloMoId : global Model Identification
GPoMGPoM package: Generalized Polynomial Modelling
gPoMogPoMo: Generalized Polynomial Modeling
GSprocGSproc : Gram-Schmidt procedure
lorenz-1963-time-seriesData included in package GPoM
NDVIThis is data to be included in my package
numicanoNumerical Integration of models in ODE of polynomial form
numinoisynuminoisy : Generates time series of deterministic-behaviour...
odeBruitMult2odeBruitMult2 : For the numerical integration of ordinary...
p2dMaxp2dMax : provides dMax given pMax and nVar
paramIdparamId : parameter Identification
poLabspoLabs : polynomial Labels
predictabpredictab : estimate the models predictability of gPoMo...
regOrdregOrd : Defines the conventional order for regressors in the...
regSeriesregSeries : Estimate regressors time series
Rossler-1976-data-setData included in package GPoM
RosYcoTwelve Rossler-y time series
sprottK-time-seriesData included in package GPoM
visuEqvisuEq : Displays the model Equations
visuOutGPvisuOutGP : get a quick information of gPoMo output
wInProdwInProd : weighted inner product
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