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A subfonction for the numerical integration of polynomial equations provided in a generic form following the convetion defined by function poLabs.


This function provides the one step integration of polynomial Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE). This function requires the function ode (deSolve package).


derivODE2(t, x, K, dMin = 0, regS = NULL)



All the dates for which the result of the numerical integration of the model must be provided


Current state vector (input from which the next state will be estimated)


A matrix providing the model description: each column corresponds to one equation which polynomial organisation is following the convention defined by function poLabs.


The minimum negative degree of the polynomial formulation (0 by default).


Current states of each polynomial terms used in poLabs. These states can be deduced from the current state vector x (using the function regSeries). When available, it can be provided as an input to avoid unecessary computation.


Sylvain Mangiarotti

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