TSallMod_nVar3_dMax2-data-set: Time series of three-dimensional chaotic sytems (for vignette...

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Time series of three-dimensional chaotic sytems (for vignette VII_Retro-Modelling)


A list of matrix providing the time series in a list named TSallMod_nVar3_dMax2 of eighteen three-dimensional chaotic systems: Lorenz-1963 ($L63), Rössler-1976 ($R76), Burke & shaw 1981 ($BS81), Lorenz-1984 ($L84), Nosé & Hooer 1986 ($NH86), Genesio & Tosi 1992 ($GT92), Spott systems 1994 ($SprF, $SprH, $SprK, $SprO, $SprP, $SprG, $SprM, $SprQ, $SprS), Chlouverakis & Sprott 2004 ($CS2004), Li 2007 ($Li2007) and the Cord system by Aguirre & Letellier 2012 ($Cord2012). Time series are provided in a matrix in which each column corresponds to one variable of the dynamical systems.




An object of class list of length 18.


Sylvain Mangiarotti, Mireille Huc.


References for the systems are provided in vignette 'VII_retro-modelling'.

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