allMod_nVar3_dMax2-data-set: Numerical description of a list of eighteen three-dimensional...

allMod_nVar3_dMax2 data setR Documentation

Numerical description of a list of eighteen three-dimensional chaotic sytems (see vignette 7_Retro-Modelling)


A list named allMod_nVar3_dMax2 of matrix providing the numerical description of eighteen three-dimensional chaotic systems:
Lorenz-1963 ($L63), Rössler-1976 ($R76), Burke & shaw 1981 ($BS81), Lorenz-1984 ($L84), Nosé & Hooer 1986 ($NH86), Genesio & Tosi 1992 ($GT92), Spott systems 1994 ($SprF, $SprH, $SprK, $SprO, $SprP, $SprG, $SprM, $SprQ, $SprS), Chlouverakis & Sprott 2004 ($CS2004), Li 2007 ($Li2007) and the Cord system by Aguirre & Letellier 2012 ($Cord2012). Each dynamical system is provided as a matrix: each column corresponds to one equation, each lines to the polynomial coefficients which order is following the convetion defined by function poLabs(nVar = 3, dMax = 2).




An object of class list of length 18.


Sylvain Mangiarotti, Mireille Huc.


All the references are provided in vignette 7_retro-modelling.

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