Rossler-1976-data-set: Time series of the Rossler-1976 system

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Time series of the Rossler-1976 system


The Rössler system is the 3-dimensional chaotic system
dx/dt = - y - z
dy/dt = x + a y
dz/dt = b + z (x - c),
discovered by Otto E. Rössler in 1976 [1]. The following parameters and initial conditions were used to produce the present data set:
a = 0.520, b = 2, c = 4
and (x0, y0, z0) = (-0.04298734, 1.025536, 0.09057987).
The following four columns are provided:
(1) time t, (2) x(t), (3) y(t) and (4) z(t).
For this parameterization, the Rössler system produces a chaotic behavior characterized by a regime non-coherent in phase (oscillations duration can be very different from one oscillation to another).




An object of class deSolve (inherits from matrix) with 4000 rows and 4 columns.


Sylvain Mangiarotti, Flavie Le Jean, Malika Chassan, Laurent Drapeau, Mireille Huc.


[1] O. Rössler, 1976. An Equation for Continuous Chaos, Physics Letters, 71A, 2-3, 155-157.

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