sampledescription.txt: sample description file

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The sample description file contains all information concerning the samples of a reverse phase protein experiment.


tab delimeted text file


The sample description file contains information for sample annotation and data analysis. To identify the sample in the source well plate the columns plate, row, column are obligatory. It is neccessary that every well that is spottet is described. The columns sample_type and sample as well as concentration and for serially diluted samples dilution are required for data analysis. The column dilSeriesID is required for background correction based on serial dilutions. Any additionally column can be added to describe further phenodata of interest.


The data set contains original reverse phase protein array signals. A549 cells were starved for 24 h and subsequently stimulated with six different HGF concentrations ranging from 0 - 100 ng/ml. Samples were obtained at six different time points ranging from 0 - 120 min. The experiment was done in triplicates, and the samples were analysed by RPPA using antibodies directed against proteins and phosphoproteins of MET receptor signalling.

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