slidedescription.txt: slide description file

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The slide description file contains all information concerning the arrays of a reverse phase protein experiment.


tab delimeted text file


The slide description file contains information for array annotation and data analysis. To find the GenePix result files (gpr files) in current working directory it is neccesssary that the names of the gpr files are matching with the gpr column. To identify the array on the slides the columns pad, slide, spotting_run, incubation_run are obligatory. It is neccessary that every well that is spottet is described. The columns sample_type and sample as well as concentration and (for serially diluted samples) dilution are required for data analysis. The columns target describes the analyzed proteins and AB_ID contains a indentifier for the antibody used for the detection. Any additionally column can be added to describe further phenodata of interest.


The data set contains the incubation data from reverse phase protein arrays for the HGF data set. These are 3 sample slides plus one slide for FCF normalization.

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