Man pages for mlgt
Multi-Locus Geno-Typing

alignReportReport on alignment
callGenotypesMake genotype calls
callGenotypes.defaultDefault internal methods for 'callGenotypes'
combineMlgtResultsCombine two or more mlgtResult objects
createKnownAlleleListCreate 'variantMap' object from allele alignment
dumpVariantMap.mlgtResultDump variants as fasta
dumpVariantsPrint sequence to file
errorCorrect-methodsAlignment error correction
genotypeCallResults from 'callGenotypes'
getSubSeqsTableAlign and trim sequences for marker/sample pair
getTopBlastHitsReturn top blast hits
inspectBlastResultsPlot BLAST statisitics for one marker
mlgtDesignAn S4 class that holds information about an mlgt analysis.
mlgt-methodsGet variants for all markers/samples
mlgt-packagemlgt: Multi-locus geno-typing
mlgtResultAn S4 class to hold results from 'mlgt'
my.mlgt.ResultAn example 'mlgtResult' object.
plotGenotypeEvidence-methodsPlot genotyping evidence
prepareMlgtRun-methodsPrepare to run mlgt
printBlastResultGraphsPlot BLAST statistics for several markers to file
variantMapAn S4 class to hold all unique variants found/known for a...
writeGenotypeCallsToFile-methodsWrite genotype calls to file
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