phylotools: Phylogenetic tools for Eco-phylogenetics

Building supermatrix for DNA barcodes using different genes, calculating the inequality among lineages and phylogenetic similarity for very large dataset using slicing methods by invoking Phylocom.

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AuthorJinlong Zhang, Nancai Pei, Xiangcheng Mi
Date of publication2012-10-29 08:59:27
MaintainerJinlong Zhang <>

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Man pages

add.mat: Add matrix to current matrix

aln2dat: Convert ClustalX alignment data to dataframe

appendchar: Paste character according to the longest character.

complement: Get the complement sequences

dat2phy: Convert dataframe to phylip format

del.tree.tip: Randomly Delete tree tip labels

dimension: Get the dimension of the matrix defined by "XnYm" labels

edgesub: Substitute character for a sequence from both sides.

fasta.split: Split the fasta object to fasta objects

fmatch: Find the matching index

formatXY: Formating XY label

framsub: Pattern of substitutions of a dataframe.

gini: Gini coefficient of inequality

hcreorder: Reorder the height for hclust object

imagevect: Image plot of a numeric vector

inequality: The inequality of a cutting time

meangini: Mean Gini coefficient

phy2dat: Convert phylip file to dataframe

phylocom.comdist: Calculating phylogenetic comdist using Phylocom

phylocom.comstruct: Calculating community phylogenetic structure using Phylocom

phylocom.pd: Calculate phylogenetic diversity using Phylocom

phylocom.phylosor: Calculating Phylosor similarity

phyloshuffle: Tip label shuffling of a phylogenetic tree

phylotools-package: Phylogenetic tools for ecologists

plotcut: Cutting the phylogenetic cutting pattern by a given time or...

plotscale: Rescaling the individuals occurred in a Forestry Dynamic Plot

read.phy: Read phylip file to memory.

rename.fasta: Renaming a fasta object given a reference table

resid.tree: The undeleted terminals of a phylogenetic tree

reverse: Get the reverse sequence.

rh: Generating random time between the oldest node and the latest...

rm.col: Delete specified columns for dataframe or matrix

RMPD: Ratio of mean phylogenetic distance of two phylogenetic trees

seq2fasta: Convert Seq file to fasta format

sub.tip.label: Substitute the tip labels of a phylogenetic tree

supermat: Build super matrix using PHYLIP files

uniquefasta: Deleting duplicated sequences in fasta object

write.mat: Save supermatrix


add.mat Man page
aln2dat Man page
appendchar Man page
complement Man page
dat2phy Man page
del.tree.tip Man page
dimension Man page
edgesub Man page
fasta.split Man page
fmatch Man page
formatXY Man page
framsub Man page
gini Man page
hcreorder Man page
imagevect Man page
inequality Man page
meangini Man page
phy2dat Man page
phylocom.comdist Man page
phylocom.comstruct Man page
phylocom.pd Man page
phylocom.phylosor Man page
phyloshuffle Man page
phylotools Man page
phylotools-package Man page
plotcut Man page
plotscale Man page
read.phylip Man page
rename.fasta Man page
resid.tree Man page
reverse Man page
rh Man page
rm.col Man page
RMPD Man page
seq2fasta Man page
sub.tip.label Man page
supermat Man page
uniquefasta Man page
write.mat Man page

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