Man pages for phylotools
Phylogenetic Tools for Eco-Phylogenetics

clean.fasta.nameClean the name of a fasta file
dat2fastaConvert and Save sequence data frame to fasta file
dat2phylipConver the data frame to sequential PHYLIP format file
get.fasta.nameget the names of all the sequences of fasta file
get.phylip.nameget the names of sequences from a PHYLIP file
phylotools-packagePhylogenetic tools for building PHYLIP supermatrix and more
read.fastaRead FASTA file
read.phylipread phylip file
rename.fastaRename the sequences for a fasta file
rm.sequence.fastaDelete sequences from fasta file
split_datgrouping the data frame containing sequences and names and...
sub.taxa.labelSubstitute the tip labels of a phylogenetic tree
supermatBuild PHYLIP supermatrix and RAxML partition file using...
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