ptm.scan: Scan a Protein in Search of PTM Sites

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Scan a Protein in Search of PTM Sites


Scans the indicated protein in search of PTM sites.


ptm.scan(up_id, renumerate = TRUE)



a character string corresponding to the UniProt ID.


logical, when TRUE the sequence numeration of MetO sites is that given by Uniprot, which may not coincide with that from MetOSite.


The numerations of the sequences given by UniProt and MetOSite may or may not match. Sometimes one of the sequences corresponds to the precursor protein and the other to the processed mature protein.


Returns a dataframe where each row corresponds to a residue, and the columns inform about the modifications.


Juan Carlos Aledo


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See Also

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## Not run: ptm.scan('P01009', renumerate = TRUE)

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