Man pages for rbioapi
User-Friendly R Interface to Biologic Web Services' API

rba_connection_testTest if the Supported Services Are Responding
rba_enrichrA One-step Wrapper for Gene-list Enrichment Using Enrichr
rba_enrichr_add_listUpload Your Gene-List to Enrichr
rba_enrichr_enrichGet Enrichr Enrichment Results
rba_enrichr_gene_mapFind Enrichr Terms That Contain a Given Gene
rba_enrichr_libsRetrieve a List of available libraries from Enrichr
rba_enrichr_view_listView an Uploaded Gene List
rba_jaspar_collectionsList collections available in JASPAR
rba_jaspar_collections_matricesList matrices available in a JASPAR collection
rba_jaspar_matrixGet a Position Frequency Matrices (PFM) with annotations
rba_jaspar_matrix_searchSearch matrix profiles available in JASPAR
rba_jaspar_matrix_versionsList matrix profile versions associated with a base ID
rba_jaspar_releasesGet information about JASPAR database releases
rba_jaspar_sitesGet binding sites of a matrix profile
rba_jaspar_speciesList available species in JASPAR
rba_jaspar_species_matricesList matrices available in JASPAR of a species
rba_jaspar_taxonsList available taxonomic groups in JASPAR
rba_jaspar_taxons_matricesList matrices available in JASPAR of a taxonomic group
rba_jaspar_tffmGet a TF flexible models (TFFMs) information
rba_jaspar_tffm_searchSearch TF flexible models (TFFMs) available in JASPAR
rba_mieaa_catsGet Supported Enrichment Categories for a Species and miRNA...
rba_mieaa_convert_typeConvert Between Mature and precursor miRNA Accession
rba_mieaa_convert_versionConvert miRNA accession Between Different miRBase Versions
rba_mieaa_enrichA One-step Wrapper for miRNA Enrichment Using miEAA
rba_mieaa_enrich_resultsRetrieve Results of a finished Enrichment Analysis from miEAA
rba_mieaa_enrich_statusCheck Status of a Submitted Enrichment Analysis in miEAA
rba_mieaa_enrich_submitSubmit miEAA miRNA Enrichment Analysis Request
rba_optionsSet rbioapi Global Options
rba_pagesGet Multiple Pages of a Paginated Resource
rba_panther_enrichPANTHER Over-Representation Enrichment Analysis
rba_panther_familyGet PANTHER Families and Sub-Families
rba_panther_homologSearch PANTHER for Homologs of Gene(s)
rba_panther_infoGet PANTHER database Information
rba_panther_mappingMap A Gene-set to PANTHER Database
rba_panther_orthologSearch PANTHER for Orthologs of Gene(s)
rba_panther_tree_grafterPANTHER Tree Grafter Use this function to retrieve a PANTHER...
rba_reactome_analysisReactome Over-Representation or Expression Analysis
rba_reactome_analysis_downloadDownload Different Reactome Analysis Results
rba_reactome_analysis_importImport Saved Analysis JSON to Reactome
rba_reactome_analysis_mappingMaps Molecule Identifiers
rba_reactome_analysis_pdfGenerate PDF file with Reactome Analysis Results
rba_reactome_analysis_speciesCompare Human Pathways with with Other Species
rba_reactome_analysis_tokenReturn the Results Associated with a Token
rba_reactome_complex_listGet Complexes That Include a Molecule
rba_reactome_complex_subunitsGet a Complex's Subunits
rba_reactome_diseasesReactome Diseases
rba_reactome_entity_other_formsGet Other forms of a Reactome Entity
rba_reactome_event_ancestorsGet Reactome Events Ancestors
rba_reactome_event_hierarchyGet Full Event Hierarchy of a Species
rba_reactome_exporter_diagramGet a Reactome Event Diagram
rba_reactome_exporter_eventExports A Reactome Event to SBGN or SBML
rba_reactome_exporter_overviewGet a Reactome Pathway Overview
rba_reactome_exporter_reactionGet a Reactome Reaction Event
rba_reactome_interactors_psicquicThe interface From Reactome to PSICQUIC
rba_reactome_interactors_staticGet Static(IntAct) Interaction Information of a Protein
rba_reactome_mappingMap External ID to Reactome Pathways/Reactions
rba_reactome_orthologyGet Orthologous (Computationally Inferred) Events
rba_reactome_participant_ofGet Larger Reactome Structures Which Include an Entity
rba_reactome_participantsGet Participants of a Reactome Event
rba_reactome_pathways_eventsGet Events Contained in an Upstream Events
rba_reactome_pathways_lowGet lower level pathways Containing a 'Physical Entity' or...
rba_reactome_pathways_topGet Top Level Pathways in a Species
rba_reactome_people_idA person by his identifiers
rba_reactome_people_nameGet Persons Information by Name
rba_reactome_queryQuery and Retrieve any Reactome knowledge-base Object
rba_reactome_speciesGet Reactome Species
rba_reactome_versionThe version number of current database
rba_reactome_xrefMap Cross References IDs to Reactome ReferenceEntity
rba_string_annotationsRetrieving Functional Annotation
rba_string_enrichmentGetting Functional Enrichment
rba_string_enrichment_ppiGet Protein-Protein Interaction Enrichment
rba_string_homology_interGet Similarity Scores Hits of Proteins in Different Species
rba_string_homology_intraGet Similarity Scores Hits of Proteins in a Species
rba_string_interaction_partnersGet All STRING Interaction Partners
rba_string_interactions_networkGet STRING Network Interactions
rba_string_map_idsMap a Set of Identifiers to STRING Identifiers
rba_string_network_imageGet STRING Network Image
rba_string_versionGet Current STRING Version
rba_uniprot_antigensGet Antigens by UniProt Accession
rba_uniprot_antigens_searchSearch Antigens in UniProt
rba_uniprot_coordinatesGet Genomic Coordinates of a Protein
rba_uniprot_coordinates_locationSearch UniProt entries by taxonomy and genomic coordinates
rba_uniprot_coordinates_searchSearch Genomic Coordinates of UniProt entries
rba_uniprot_coordinates_sequenceGet Genome coordinate by Protein Sequence position
rba_uniprot_featuresGet UniProt protein sequence features by accession
rba_uniprot_features_searchUniProt maintains sequence annotations (features) that...
rba_uniprot_genecentricGet Gene-Centric proteins by UniProt Accession
rba_uniprot_genecentric_searchSearch Gene-Centric Proteins
rba_uniprot_mutagenesisGet Mutagenesis by UniProt Accession
rba_uniprot_mutagenesis_searchSearch Mutagenesis in UniProt
rba_uniprot_proteinsGet UniProt entry by accession
rba_uniprot_proteins_crossrefGet UniProt Entry by UniProt Cross-Reference Database and ID
rba_uniprot_proteins_searchSearch UniProt entries
rba_uniprot_proteomesGet proteome by proteome/proteins UPID
rba_uniprot_proteomes_searchSearch Proteomes in UniProt
rba_uniprot_proteomicsGet Proteomics Peptides Mapped to UniProt Protein
rba_uniprot_proteomics_searchSearch Proteomics Peptides in UniProt
rba_uniprot_ptmGet Post-Translational Modification of UniProt Protein
rba_uniprot_ptm_searchSearch Post-Translational Modification in UniProt
rba_uniprot_taxonomyGet UniProt Taxonomy Nodes
rba_uniprot_taxonomy_lcaGet Lowest Common Ancestor (LCA) of Two Taxonomy Nodes
rba_uniprot_taxonomy_lineageGet Taxonomic Lineage
rba_uniprot_taxonomy_nameSearch UniProt Taxonomic Names
rba_uniprot_taxonomy_pathTraverse UniProt Taxonomic Tree Path
rba_uniprot_taxonomy_relationshipGet Shortest Path Between Two Taxonomy Nodes
rba_uniprot_uniparcGet UniParc entry
rba_uniprot_uniparc_bestguessGet UniParc Longest Sequence for Entries
rba_uniprot_uniparc_searchSearch UniParc Entries
rba_uniprot_uniparc_sequenceGet UniParc Entries by Sequence
rba_uniprot_variationGet natural variants in UniProt by NIH-NCBI SNP database...
rba_uniprot_variation_searchSearch UniProt Natural Variants
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