IncucyteDRC-package: Dose Response Curves from Incucyte Proliferation Assays

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The IncucyteDRC package provides a workflow for users of the Incucyte Zoom live cell imaging system from Essen Biosciences who want to carry out a dose response analysis on their data. For example, you may have grown cells in a 96-well plate that have been treated with a range of concentrations of several different small molecule inhibitors. Although the Incucyte Zoom software allows you to conveniently visualise these data, exporting the data to a form that can then be readily analysed in PRISM is convoluted. The IncucyteDRC package contains functions to make this process easier, as well as a graphical user interface.

For full details, please read the accompanying paper for the package on F1000R: Chapman et al 2016

If you want to see the package in action before deciding whether or not you want to install it, there is a YouTube video.


Phil Chapman <>


See F1000R article

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