Man pages for genostats/FEstim
Genetic Data Analyses in Presence of Inbreeding

atlas-classClass atlas
cytobandsPosition of cytobands on the human chromosomes
dim-fMatrix-methodThe generic dim method for fMatrix class
FantasioWrapper for the package Fantasio
festimComputation of a and f
fMatrix-classClass fMatrix.
HBDplotChrplot of HBD segment
HBDplotIdplot of HBD segment
HBDsegmentsFind HBDsegments
HFLODManhattanPlotCreation of an manhattan plot of the HFLOD
HFLODplotChrPlot of the HFLOD
HostspotsMatrix-classClass HostspotsMatrix
HostspotsSegments-classClass HostspotsSegments
hotspotPosition of hotspots throughout the human genome
initialize-atlas-methodConstructor method of atlas.
initialize-fMatrix-methodConstructor method of fMatrix
initialize-HostspotsMatrix-methodConstructor method of HostspotsMatrix.
initialize-snpsMatrix-methodConstructor method of snpsMatrix.
initialize-snpsSegments-methodConstructor method of snpsSegments.
makeAtlasByDistanceCreation of submaps based on distance between markers
makeAtlasByHotspotsCreation of submaps based on hotposts in the genome
makeSubmapByDistanceCreation of a submaps
makeSubmapByHotspotsCreation of a submaps
markerRepresentationMarkers selected through the submaps
markerSummaryNumber of marker selected in a submap
plot.ROH.segments.chrCreation of plot using ROH file
plot.ROH.segments.idCreation of plot using ROH file
recapHBD/FLOD recap
segmentsListByDistanceCreation of a list of segments
segmentsListByHotspotsCreation of a list of segments
segmentsListSummarySummary of marker picked
setAllelicFrequenciesSet p value in the bed.matrix
setFLODComputation of FLOD scores
setHBDprobComputation of HBD probabilities
setHFLODComputation of HFLOD scores
setStatusSet status in the bed.matrix
setSummaryCreation summary statistic files
show-atlas-methodShow method of atlas.
show-fMatrix-methodshow method of fMatrix class
show-HostspotsMatrix-methodShow method of HostspotsMatrix.
show-HostspotsSegments-methodShow method of HostspotsSegments.
show-snpsMatrix-methodShow method of snpsMatrix.
show-snpsSegments-methodShow method of snpsSegments.
snpsMatrix-classClass snpsMatrix
snpsSegments-classClass snpsSegments.
submapEstimSummury of estimation through the submaps
submapLikelihoodEstimation of likelihood0 and likelihood2
submapSummarySubmap summary
summaryMarkerHow many markers have been selected 0, 1, ... times
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