getPPIbyEntrez: Extract the PPIs for my list of genes defined by Entrez IDs

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Get Protein-Protein interactions (PPIs) for the set of ID. Function lookups for PPIs for the list of Entrez IDs and returns either “induced” (all available interactions for these genes) or “limited” (only interactions between genes specified in the query) table of interacting genes A and B, where A and B are respective Internal IDs.


getPPIbyEntrez(entrez, type = c("induced", "limited"))



Entrez IDs


type of the PPI network should be either induced (for all the PPIs for specific genes, including external genes) or limited (for PPIs between the genes specified in the query). Type could be shortened to recognizable minimum like 'ind' or 'lim'.


data.frame with interactors internal GeneID in columns A and B

See Also

getPPIbyName() and getPPIbyIDs() to get PPI data.frame, getIGraphFromPPI() to get igraph representation of the PPI data.frame and getTableFromPPI() to get interpretable table representation of the PPI data.frame.

Other PPI functions: getIGraphFromPPI(), getPPIbyIDs4BrainRegion(), getPPIbyIDs4Compartment(), getPPIbyIDs(), getPPIbyName(), getTableFromPPI()


t <- getPPIbyEntrez(c(1739, 1740, 1742, 1741), type = "ind")

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