R package for maintaining and manipulating data from bottom trawl survey and associated data sets

Install this R package

To install this repo, the easiest thing to do is to clone it, then then use devtools:install(): - In terminal, type:

{bash} cd path/to/folder/to/hold/repo git clone cd trawlData git lfs pull # get binaries instead of pointers If you don't have Git LFS, see the trawlData Wiki on the topic - In R, type:

{r} library(devtools) setwd("path/to/folder/to/hold/repo/trawlData") devtools::install()

Package Quickstart

# load package

# See functions available

# check documentation

# check which data sets are available

See the Wiki

The wiki pages have much more information available, including more examples related to using the package, and instructions/ guidelines for contributing to the package and instructions for installing trawlData and its dependencies.

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