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Raw Newfoundland

Raw data set for the Newfoundland bottom trawl survey




A dim = 547790 x 40 data.table data.frame:

[,1] sppcode integer insert_description_here
[,2] recordtype integer insert_description_here
[,3] vessel integer vessel ID
[,4] trip integer insert_description_here
[,5] set integer insert_description_here
[,6] yearl integer cleans up to year, year of haul
[,7] monthl integer insert_description_here
[,8] dayl integer insert_description_here
[,9] settype integer insert_description_here
[,10] stratum character the statistical stratum of the haul
[,11] nafo character insert_description_here
[,12] unitarea character insert_description_here
[,13] light numeric insert_description_here
[,14] winddir numeric insert_description_here
[,15] windforce numeric cleans up to wind, wind speed (?)
[,16] sea numeric insert_description_here
[,17] bottom numeric insert_description_here
[,18] timel character cleans up to time, starting time of the tow
[,19] duration numeric duration of the haul (how long the net was being towed)
[,20] distance numeric insert_description_here
[,21] operation numeric insert_description_here
[,22] depth character the maximum depth of the water at the location of the haul
[,23] depthmin character insert_description_here
[,24] depthmax character insert_description_here
[,25] depthbottom character insert_description_here
[,26] surftemp numeric cleans up to stemp, water temperature at the surface at the location of the haul
[,27] bottemp numeric cleans up to btemp, water temperature at the bottom at the location of the haul
[,28] latstart character insert_description_here
[,29] lonstart character insert_description_here
[,30] posmethod numeric insert_description_here
[,31] gear numeric cleans up to geartype, code for the type of gear used
[,32] num numeric cleans up to cnt, number of individuals in the whole net (may be extrapolated)
[,33] wgt numeric cleans up to weight, the weight (mass) of all items in the net (may be extrapolated)
[,34] latend character insert_description_here
[,35] lonend character insert_description_here
[,36] bottempmeth numeric insert_description_here
[,37] geardevice numeric insert_description_here
[,38] common character the common name of the organism sampled
[,39] spp character species scientific name; Genus species
[,40] season character insert_description_here

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