Man pages for vicstefanou/ViSCA
Cell-Movie Analysis and Visualization

add_attr_growth_fit_parsCompute growth curves of an attribute
add_attr_rocAdd ROC attribute
add_branchAdd a branch to an LT
create_cell_lifeVisualize cell life
createFDTCreate cells' FDT
createFLTCreate cells' FLT
create_movieCreate movie
extract_branchExtract a branch from a tree
get_attr_namesGet attributes' names
get_attr_statsGet statistic of an attribute
get_attr_valsGet attribute's values
get_cand_merge_cellsFind candidate merge cells
get_cand_mother_cellsFind candidate mothers
get_cell_attr_valsGet attributes' values of a cell
get_cell_famGet family cells of a cell
get_cellsGet cells of a tree
get_DT_cellGet the label of the cell of a cell instant
get_LT_cellGet the label of an instant of a cell
import_bascaImport _BaSCA_ data
import_jsonImport custom-made data
import_ouftiImport _Oufti_ data
import_ssImport _SuperSegger_ data
isConnectedCheck if a tree is connected
isSubtreeCheck if a tree is a subtree of another tree
merge_cellsMerge two cells
plot_baranyiPlot growth curves of cell counts
plot_col_treePlot colonies' lineage tree
plot_dot_attr2Create scatter plot of two attributes
plot_dot_attr2_gen2Create scatter plot of attribute(s) between two generations
plot_dot_attr3Create scatter plot of three attributes
plot_dot_attr_famCreate scatter plot of an attribute between family cells
plot_dot_time_attrCreate dot plot of an attribute by time
plot_growth_attrPlot raw growth curves of an attribute
plot_growth_attr_cellPlot single-cell growth curve of an attribute
plot_growth_attr_fitPlot fitted growth curves of an attribute
plot_hist_attrCreate histogram of an attribute
plot_NcellsPlot cell counts
plot_pdf_attrPlot the PDF of an attribute
plot_time_attrPlot mean and sd of an attribute per frame
plot_treePlot a tree
plot_viobox_attrCreate violin plot or boxplot for an attribute
save_treeSave a tree on disc
select_subtreeSelect a subtree
split_cellSplit a cell
unite_treesUnite multiple trees
view_cellView a cell
ViSCAOverview of the ViSCA package
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