MEET: MEET: Motif Elements Estimation Toolkit

MEET is an R-package that includes a set of models and tools for the detection of cis-regulatory sequences.

AuthorErola Pairo and Joan Maynou.
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerErola Pairo <> and Joan Maynou <>

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Man pages

align.clustalw: Multiple sequence alignment by means of ClustalW

align.MEME: Multiple sequence alignment by means of MEME.

Alignment: To line up Transcription Factor Binding Sites through...

align.muscle: Multiple sequence alignment by means of Muscle (MUltiple...

BackgroundOrganism: Matrix of background frequencies

CalculInformation: Information content in each position of a set of aligned DNA...

CalculPSSM: Position Specific Scoring Matrices from a set of aligned...

CalculPWM: CalculPWM: To calculate Position Weight Matrix

CalculRedundancy: CalculRedundancy: To calculate the redundancy

CalculScores: Calcul Score of a Sequence, using a loggods matrix

CalculSimilarity: Similarity Score between a Sequence and a PSSM model

chooseModel: ChooseModel: Choose the best model

classMODEL: classMODEL: To choose the model

ConstructModel: A set of functions for training of motif discovery...

correctionaprox: Correction Entropy Approximate from the Finite Sample Size...

correction.entropy: Correction entropy from the Finite Sample Size Effect

correction.redundancy: Correction redundancy from the Finite Sample Size Effect

CreateConsensus: Consensus Sequence for a DNA motif

detection: Detection: A set of functions for detection of TFBS

detector_1rOrdre_diff: Detection of Transcription Factor Binding Sites Through...

detector_2nOrdre: Detection of Transcription Factor Binding Sites Through...

detector_2nOrdre_init: Detection of Transcription Factor Binding Sites Through...

diffInstructions: The measurement of the variation of the total redundancy

DivergenceDROSOPHILA: DivergenceDROSOPHILA: Given a Transcription factor chooses...

DivergenceHOMO: DivergenceHOMO: Given a Transcription factor chooses the...

DivergenceMUS: DivergenceMUS: Given a Transcription factor chooses the model...

DivergenceRATTUS: DivergenceRATTUS: Given a Transcription factor chooses the...

divergence.Renyi: Renyi divergence

divergence.Shannon: Divergencia.Shannon: Mutual Information

DrosophilaDivergence: A library of models for Divergence algorithm and _Drosophila...

DrosophilaEntropy: A library of models for Entropy algorithm and _Drosophila...

DrosophilaQresiduals: A library of models for Qresiduals algorithm and _Drosophila...

entropy.corrected: Correction of the Finite Sample Size Effect

EntropyDROSOPHILA: EntropyDROSOPHILA: Given a Transcription factor chooses the...

EntropyHOMO: EntropyHOMO: Given a Transcription factor chooses the model...

entropy.joint: To calculate joint entropy

EntropyMUS: EntropyMUS: Given a Transcription factor chooses the model...

EntropyRATTUS: EntropyRATTUS: Given a Transcription factor chooses the model...

entropy.Renyi: Renyi Entropy

entropy.Shannon: Shannon Entropy

Hmemory: Library of entropy values

HomoDivergence: A library of models for Divergence algorithm and _Homo...

HomoEntropy: A library of models for Entropy algorithm and _Homo sapiens_...

HomoQresiduals: A library of models for Qresiduals algorithm and _Homo...

Hread: To read Entropy values

iicc: Initial conditions for the MEET package

JacksonParameters: JacksonParameters: To calculates the parameters needed to...

joint.probability: Joint Porbability

kfold.Divergence: Leave-one-out cross-training for parametric divergence...

kfold.Entropy: Leave-one-out cross-training for Renyi entropy (ITEME)

kfold.MATCH: MATCH training process

kfold.MDscan: Leave-one-out cross-training for MDscan.

kfold.MEME: Leave-one-out cross-training for MEME

kfold.PCA: PCA

kfold.transMEME: Leave-one-out cross-training for MEME/MAST through...

MEET: MEET: Motif Elements Estimation Toolkit

MEET-package: MEET: Motif Elements Estimation Toolkit

MImemory: Library of PredictDivergence values

MIread: To read PredictDivergence values Missing values

Model: Creates a model class

ModelDivergence: To create Model Divergence

ModelEntropy: To create Model Entropy

ModelMATCH: Match algorithm to detect TFBS in a sequence

ModelMDscan: MDscan algortihm to detect TFBS within a sequence

ModelMEME: MEME algortihm to detect TFBS within a sequence

ModelPCA: PCA model for a set of TFBS

Models: To create Detection Model

ModeltransMEME: To create Model transMEME

motif.mast: Read output mast

MusDivergence: A library of models for Divergence algorithm and _Mus...

MusEntropy: A library of models for Entropy algorithm and _Mus musculus_...

MusQresiduals: A library of models for Qresiduals algorithm and _Mus...

numericalDNA: Conversion of nucleotides to numerical vectors

numericalTF: Matrix of a numerical motif

organism: Matrix of background frequencies

PCanalysis: PC analysis on numerical DNA sequences

PredictDivergence: A set of functions for detection of Transcription Factor...

PredictEntropy: PredictEntropy: Detection of Transcription Factor Binding...

Prediction: To detect Transcription Factor Binding sites by means of a...

PredictMATCH: MATCH algorithm to detect TFBS in a sequence

PredictMDscan: MDscan algorithm to detect TFBS in a sequence

PredictMEME: MEME algorithm to detect TFBS in a sequence

PredictPCA: Q-residuals detection of TFBS, using a principal components...

PredicttransMEME: MAST algorithm to detect TFBS in a sequence

probability: Probability

probability.couple: Background joint probability

pvalue: P value

QresidualsDROSOPHILA: QresidualsDROSOPHILA: Given a Transcription factor chooses...

QresidualsHOMO: QresidualsHOMO: Given a Transcription factor chooses the...

QresidualsMUS: QresidualsMUS: Given a Transcription factor chooses the model...

QresidualsRATTUS: QresidualsRATTUS: Given a Transcription factor chooses the...

QtoJackson: Q to Jackson: transform a Q-residual into a confidence...

RattusDivergence: A library of models for Divergence algorithm and _Rattus...

RattusEntropy: A library of models for Entropy algorithm and _Rattus...

RattusQresiduals: A library of models for Qresiduals algorithm and _Rattus...

Read.aligned: Read nucleotide sequences

read.mast: Read output mast

readMEME: Read MEME motifs and consensus sequences

redundancy: To calculate redundancy

RenyiOrder: Renyi entropy and Divergence order

ROCmodel: To choose the best paramater for a model Run and read MDscan on training

scoreMDscan: Output MDscan method

Sequence: Sequence of a DNA motif

standardout: Standard output detector

TFlogodds: Logodds for a motif PSSM

TranscriptionFactor: Transcription Factor Sequences

writeMEME: Write a training matrix in a MEME/MAST format

writeResultsHTML: Writes the results of a MEET detection to HTML.


align.clustalw Man page
align.MEME Man page
Alignment Man page
align.muscle Man page
Backgroundorganism Man page
CalculInformation Man page
CalculPSSM Man page
CalculPWM Man page
CalculRedundancy Man page
CalculScores Man page
CalculSimilarity Man page
chooseModel Man page
classMODEL Man page
ConstructModel Man page
correctionaprox Man page
correction.entropy Man page
correction.redundancy Man page
CreateConsensus Man page
detection Man page
detector_1rOrdre_diff Man page
detector_2nOrdre Man page
detector_2nOrdre_init Man page
diffInstructions Man page
DivergenceDROSOPHILA Man page
DivergenceHOMO Man page
DivergenceMUS Man page
DivergenceRATTUS Man page
divergence.Renyi Man page
divergence.Shannon Man page
DrosophilaDivergence Man page
DrosophilaEntropy Man page
DrosophilaQresiduals Man page
entropy.corrected Man page
EntropyDROSOPHILA Man page
EntropyHOMO Man page
entropy.joint Man page
EntropyMUS Man page
EntropyRATTUS Man page
entropy.Renyi Man page
entropy.Shannon Man page
Hmemory Man page
HomoDivergence Man page
HomoEntropy Man page
HomoQresiduals Man page
Hread Man page
iicc Man page
JacksonParameters Man page
joint.probability Man page
kfold.Divergence Man page
kfold.Entropy Man page
kfold.MATCH Man page
kfold.MDscan Man page
kfold.MEME Man page
kfold.PCA Man page
kfold.transMEME Man page
MEET Man page
MEET-package Man page
MImemory Man page
MIread Man page Man page
Model Man page
ModelDivergence Man page
ModelEntropy Man page
ModelMATCH Man page
ModelMDscan Man page
ModelMEME Man page
ModelPCA Man page
Models Man page
ModeltransMEME Man page
motif.mast Man page
MusDivergence Man page
MusEntropy Man page
MusQresiduals Man page
numericalDNA Man page
NumericalTF Man page
organism Man page
PCanalysis Man page
PredictDivergence Man page
PredictEntropy Man page
Prediction Man page
PredictMATCH Man page
PredictMDscan Man page
PredictMEME Man page
PredictPCA Man page
PredicttransMEME Man page
probability Man page
probability.couple Man page
pvalue Man page
QresidualsDROSOPHILA Man page
QresidualsHOMO Man page
QresidualsMUS Man page
QresidualsRATTUS Man page
QtoJackson Man page
RattusDivergence Man page
RattusEntropy Man page
RattusQresiduals Man page
Read.aligned Man page
read.mast Man page
readMEME Man page
redundancy Man page
RenyiOrder Man page
ROCmodel Man page Man page
scoreMDscan Man page
Sequence Man page
standardout Man page
TFlogodds Man page
TranscriptionFactor Man page
writeMEME Man page
writeResultsHTML Man page


R/Alignment.R R/entropy.Shannon.R R/ModeltransMEME.R R/probability.couple.R R/redundancy.R R/EntropyDROSOPHILA.R R/PredictMDscan.R R/CalculScores.R R/kfold.Divergence.R R/standardout.R R/diffInstructions.R R/entropy.joint.R R/joint.probability.R R/detector_2nOrdre_init.R R/ R/ModelPCA.R R/read.mast.R R/numericalDNA.R R/kfold.Entropy.R R/writeResultsHTML.R R/chooseModel.R R/CalculRedundancy.R R/CalculInformation.R R/CalculPSSM.R R/entropy.corrected.R R/ConstructModel.R R/ModelMDscan.R R/ModelDivergence.R R/ModelMEME.R R/ROCmodel.R R/MImemory.R R/divergence.Renyi.R R/EntropyMUS.R R/align.clustalw.R R/EntropyHOMO.R R/Models.R R/kfold.MEME.R R/Read.aligned.R R/align.muscle.R R/divergence.Shannon.R R/kfold.MATCH.R R/DivergenceRATTUS.R R/PredicttransMEME.R R/correctionaprox.R R/Hmemory.R R/PredictMEME.R R/PredictPCA.R R/CreateConsensus.R R/MEET.R R/DivergenceMUS.R R/probability.R R/scoreMDscan.R R/align.MEME.R R/QresidualsMUS.R R/Hread.R R/JacksonParameters.R R/DivergenceDROSOPHILA.R R/ModelEntropy.R R/ModelMATCH.R R/PredictDivergence.R R/kfold.MDscan.R R/kfold.transMEME.R R/CalculPWM.R R/kfold.PCA.R R/QresidualsHOMO.R R/QresidualsDROSOPHILA.R R/writeMEME.R R/QresidualsRATTUS.R R/CalculSimilarity.R R/QtoJackson.R R/correction.entropy.R R/PCanalysis.R R/detector_2nOrdre.R R/readMEME.R R/PredictMATCH.R R/pvalue.R R/classMODEL.R R/motif.mast.R R/detection.R R/correction.redundancy.R R/correction.R R/Prediction.R R/detector_1rOrdre_diff.R R/DivergenceHOMO.R R/ R/PredictEntropy.R R/entropy.Renyi.R R/Model.R R/EntropyRATTUS.R R/MIread.R
man/DrosophilaDivergence.Rd man/QresidualsDROSOPHILA.Rd man/CalculPWM.Rd man/Models.Rd man/PredictMDscan.Rd man/correction.redundancy.Rd man/standardout.Rd man/EntropyMUS.Rd man/writeMEME.Rd man/PCanalysis.Rd man/redundancy.Rd man/PredicttransMEME.Rd man/probability.couple.Rd man/kfold.MATCH.Rd man/Model.Rd man/detector_2nOrdre_init.Rd man/CreateConsensus.Rd man/DivergenceDROSOPHILA.Rd man/TFlogodds.Rd man/DivergenceRATTUS.Rd man/kfold.MDscan.Rd man/ModelMDscan.Rd man/scoreMDscan.Rd man/MEET.Rd man/QresidualsHOMO.Rd man/EntropyDROSOPHILA.Rd man/ModelMEME.Rd man/joint.probability.Rd man/EntropyHOMO.Rd man/MEET-package.Rd man/readMEME.Rd man/divergence.Renyi.Rd man/PredictEntropy.Rd man/align.clustalw.Rd man/ModelPCA.Rd man/correctionaprox.Rd man/iicc.Rd man/organism.Rd man/JacksonParameters.Rd man/CalculRedundancy.Rd man/HomoQresiduals.Rd man/Sequence.Rd man/ConstructModel.Rd man/detector_2nOrdre.Rd man/Prediction.Rd man/kfold.Entropy.Rd man/TranscriptionFactor.Rd man/DivergenceMUS.Rd man/kfold.transMEME.Rd man/HomoEntropy.Rd man/MIread.Rd man/HomoDivergence.Rd man/EntropyRATTUS.Rd man/ man/motif.mast.Rd man/ModelEntropy.Rd man/PredictMATCH.Rd man/pvalue.Rd man/entropy.Shannon.Rd man/CalculScores.Rd man/QresidualsMUS.Rd man/DrosophilaEntropy.Rd man/Hread.Rd man/RenyiOrder.Rd man/entropy.joint.Rd man/BackgroundOrganism.Rd man/DivergenceHOMO.Rd man/CalculSimilarity.Rd man/writeResultsHTML.Rd man/MImemory.Rd man/RattusDivergence.Rd man/RattusQresiduals.Rd man/chooseModel.Rd man/QresidualsRATTUS.Rd man/Alignment.Rd man/PredictDivergence.Rd man/numericalDNA.Rd man/Read.aligned.Rd man/align.muscle.Rd man/MusEntropy.Rd man/ModelMATCH.Rd man/diffInstructions.Rd man/read.mast.Rd man/CalculInformation.Rd man/entropy.Renyi.Rd man/divergence.Shannon.Rd man/PredictMEME.Rd man/kfold.PCA.Rd man/kfold.MEME.Rd man/correction.entropy.Rd man/DrosophilaQresiduals.Rd man/entropy.corrected.Rd man/classMODEL.Rd man/Hmemory.Rd man/ man/ModelDivergence.Rd man/numericalTF.Rd man/RattusEntropy.Rd man/detection.Rd man/align.MEME.Rd man/QtoJackson.Rd man/MusQresiduals.Rd man/PredictPCA.Rd man/kfold.Divergence.Rd man/probability.Rd man/ROCmodel.Rd man/CalculPSSM.Rd man/ModeltransMEME.Rd man/MusDivergence.Rd man/detector_1rOrdre_diff.Rd

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