Man pages for Rqc
Quality Control Tool for High-Throughput Sequencing Data

checkpointSave time storing longer analysis step on disk
detectFileFormatDetect file format
fromRRDNARevert codified DNA sequences to original DNA sequences.
matdistDistance matrix of the similarity between the DNA sequences.
rqcMain Rqc function
rqcCycleAverageQualityPcaPlotBiplot of PCA of per cycle read average quality
rqcCycleAverageQualityPlotPer cycle average quality by files
rqcCycleBaseCallsPlotPer cycle base calls plot
rqcCycleGCPlotPer cycle percentual GC plot
rqcCycleQualityBoxPlotPer cycle quality box plot
rqcCycleQualityPlotPer cycle quality plot
rqcFileHeatmapHeatmap of distance matrix of top over-represented reads
rqcGroupCycleAverageQualityPlotPer group average quality across cycles
Rqc-packageQuality Control Tool for High-Throughput Sequencing Data
rqcQAQuality Assessment Rqc function
rqcReadFrequencyPlotRead frequency plot
rqcReadQualityBoxPlotPer read mean quality box plot
rqcReadQualityPlotPer read quality plot
rqcReadWidthPlotPer read width plot
rqcReportQuality Control HTML Report
RqcResultSet-classClass RqcResultSet
rqcShinyReportInteractive Quality Control Report
stats4trimMinimun read mean quality and maximum percentage loss of...
subsetByGroupSubset RqcResultSet object by group name.
subsetByPairSubset RqcResultSet object by pair files.
toRRDNATitle: Convert DNA sequences to Reduced Representation format
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