raw_defuse: deFuse data

Description defuse_833ke_results.filtered.tsv reads_supporting_defuse_fusion_5267.*.fq 5267readsAligned.bam


Documentation for the deFuse example data.


This file has the results from a run of deFuse-0.7.0 on the 833ke cell line. The program was ran with the standard configuration, but with the parameter span_count_threshold=5 instead of the standard 3. The resulting results.filtered.tsv file was then manually filtered to only include 17 fusion events in the interest of saving computing time for tests and examples. The original results contained 171 fusion events.


These two files, reads_supporting_defuse_fusion_5267.1.fq and reads_supporting_defuse_fusion_5267.2.fq, contains the reads that support the fusion event with cluster_id 5267.


The bamfile 5267readsAligned.bam and the 5267readsAligned.bam.bai index file contains the reads supporting the fusion event with cluster_id 5267 aligned to the fusion sequence. It is used with plot_fusion_reads().

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