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approvalU.S. Presidential Approval Data
ATTCompute simulated (sample) average treatment effects on the...
avgCompute central tendancy as approrpriate to data type
bivariateSample data for bivariate probit regression
ci_checkConvert 'ci' interval from percent to proportion and check if...
CigarettesSWCigarette Consumption Panel Data
ci.plotMethod for plotting qi simulations across a range within a...
cluster.formulaGenerate Formulae that Consider Clustering
coalitionCoalition Dissolution in Parliamentary Democracies
coalition2Coalition Dissolution in Parliamentary Democracies, Modified...
coefficients-Zelig-methodMethod for extracting estimated coefficients from Zelig...
coef-Zelig-methodMethod for extracting estimated coefficients from Zelig...
combine_coef_seCombines estimated coefficients and associated statistics...
createJSONUtility function for constructing JSON file that encodes the...
df.residual-Zelig-methodMethod for extracting residual degrees-of-freedom from Zelig...
eidatSimulation Data for Ecological Inference
expand_grid_setrangeConvenience function for setrange and setrange1
extract_setrangeExtract setrange to return as tidy formatted data frame
extract_setxExtract setx for non-range and return tidy formatted data...
factor_coef_combineReturn individual factor coefficient fitted values to single...
fitted-Zelig-methodMethod for extracting estimated fitted values from Zelig...
free1Freedom of Speech Data
free2Freedom of Speech Data
friendshipSimulated Example of Schoolchildren Friendship Network
from_zelig_modelExtract the original fitted model object from a 'zelig'...
get_pvalueExtract p-values from a Zelig estimated model
get_qiExtract quantities of interest from a Zelig simulation
get_seExtract standard errors from a Zelig estimated model
grunfeldSimulation Data for model Seemingly Unrelated Regression...
hoffSocial Security Expenditure Data
homerunSample Data on Home Runs Hit By Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa...
immigrationIndividual Preferences Over Immigration Policy
is_length_not_1Check if an object has a length greater than 1
is_sims_presentCheck if any simulations are present in sim.out
is_simsrangeCheck if simulations for a range of fitted values are present...
is_simsrange1Check if simulations for a range1 of fitted values are...
is_simsxCheck if simulations for individual values are present in...
is_simsx1Check if simulations for individual values for x1 are present...
is_timeseriesCheck if a zelig object contains a time series model
is_uninitializedFieldCheck if uninitializedField
is_varyingCheck if the values in a vector vary
is_zeligCheck if is a zelig object
is_zeligeiCheck if an object was created with ZeligEI
kleinSimulation Data for model Two-Stage Least Square (twosls)...
kmentaSimulation Data for model Three-Stage Least Square (threesls)...
macroMacroeconomic Data
MatchIt.urlTable of links for Zelig
MedianCompute the Statistical Median of a Vector
mexicoVoting Data from the 1988 Mexican Presidental Election
miEnables backwards compatability for preparing non-amelia...
midMilitarized Interstate Disputes
ModeCompute the Statistical Mode of a Vector
model_lookup_dfInstructions for how to convert non-Zelig fitted model...
names-Zelig-methodNames method for Zelig objects
newpaintersThe Discretized Painter's Data of de Piles
or_summaryFind odds ratios for coefficients and standard errors for...
PEriskPolitical Economic Risk Data from 62 Countries in 1987
plot-Zelig-ANY-methodPlot method for Zelig objects
p_pullExtract p-values from a fitted model object
predict-Zelig-methodMethod for getting predicted values from Zelig objects
qi.plotDefault Plot Design For Zelig Model QI's
qi_slimmerFind the median and a central interval of simulated quantity...
reduceCalculate the reduced dataset to be used in 'setx'
relogitEstimation function for rare events logit models
residuals-Zelig-methodMethod for extracting residuals from Zelig objects
rm_interceptDrop intercept columns or values from a data frame or named...
rocplotReceiver Operator Characteristic Plots
sanctionMultilateral Economic Sanctions
seatshareLeft Party Seat Share in 11 OECD Countries
se_pullExtract standard errors from a fitted model object
setfactorSet new value of a factor variable, checking for existing...
setvalSet new value of a variable as approrpriate to data type
setxSetting Explanatory Variable Values
setx1Setting Explanatory Variable Values for First Differences
simGeneric Method for Computing and Organizing Simulated...
simacfConstruct Autocorrelation Function from Zelig object and...
simulations.plotPlot Quantities of Interest in a Zelig-fashion
sna.exSimulated Example of Social Network Data
statPass Quantities of Interest to Appropriate Summary Function
statlevelDescribe Here
statmatCreate QI summary matrix
strip_package_nameRemove package names from fitted model object calls.
summary.ArimaSummary of an object of class Arima
summary-Zelig-methodSummary method for Zelig objects
SupremeCourtU.S. Supreme Court Vote Matrix
swissSwiss Fertility and Socioeconomic Indicators (1888) Data
table.levelsCreate a table, but ensure that the correct columns exist. In...
tobinTobin's Tobit Data
to_zeligCoerce a non-Zelig fitted model object to a Zelig class...
to_zelig_miBundle Multiply Imputed Data Sets into an Object for Zelig
transformerConduct variable transformations called inside a 'zelig' call
turnoutTurnout Data Set from the National Election Survey
vcov_geeFind vcov for GEE models
vcov_rqFind vcov for quantile regression models
vcov-Zelig-methodVariance-covariance method for Zelig objects
voteincomeSample Turnout and Demographic Data from the 2000 Current...
Weimar1932 Weimar election data
zeligEstimating a Statistical Model
zeligACFplotPlot Autocorrelation Function from Zelig QI object
Zelig-ar-classTime-Series Model with Autoregressive Disturbance
Zelig-arima-classAutoregressive and Moving-Average Models with Integration for...
zeligArimaWrapperEstimation wrapper function for arima models, to easily fit...
zeligARMAbreakforecasterConstruct Simulated Series with Internal Discontinuity in X
zeligARMAlongrunCalculate the Long Run Exquilibrium for Fixed X
zeligARMAnextstepConstruct Simulated Next Step in Dynamic Series
Zelig-bayes-classBayes Model object for inheritance across models in Zelig
Zelig-binchoice-classBinary Choice object for inheritance across models in Zelig
Zelig-binchoice-gee-classObject for Binary Choice outcomes in Generalized Estimating...
Zelig-binchoice-survey-classObject for Binary Choice outcomes with Survey Weights for...
Zelig-classZelig reference class
Zelig-exp-classExponential Regression for Duration Dependent Variables
Zelig-factor-bayes-classBayesian Factor Analysis
Zelig-gamma-classGamma Regression for Continuous, Positive Dependent Variables
Zelig-gamma-gee-classGeneralized Estimating Equation for Gamma Regression
Zelig-gamma-survey-classGamma Regression with Survey Weights
Zelig-gee-classGeneralized Estimating Equations Model object for inheritance...
Zelig-glm-classGeneralized Linear Model object for inheritance across models...
Zelig-ivreg-classInstrumental-Variable Regression
Zelig-logit-bayes-classBayesian Logit Regression
Zelig-logit-classLogistic Regression for Dichotomous Dependent Variables
Zelig-logit-gee-classGeneralized Estimating Equation for Logit Regression
Zelig-logit-survey-classLogit Regression with Survey Weights
Zelig-lognorm-classLog-Normal Regression for Duration Dependent Variables
Zelig-ls-classLeast Squares Regression for Continuous Dependent Variables
Zelig-ma-classTime-Series Model with Moving Average
Zelig-mlogit-bayes-classBayesian Multinomial Logistic Regression
zelig_mutateZelig Copy of plyr::mutate to avoid namespace conflict with...
Zelig-negbin-classNegative Binomial Regression for Event Count Dependent...
Zelig-normal-bayes-classBayesian Normal Linear Regression
Zelig-normal-classNormal Regression for Continuous Dependent Variables
Zelig-normal-gee-classGeneralized Estimating Equation for Normal Regression
Zelig-normal-survey-classNormal Regression for Continuous Dependent Variables with...
Zelig-oprobit-bayes-classBayesian Ordered Probit Regression
Zelig-poisson-bayes-classBayesian Poisson Regression
Zelig-poisson-classPoisson Regression for Event Count Dependent Variables
Zelig-poisson-gee-classGeneralized Estimating Equation for Poisson Regression
Zelig-poisson-survey-classPoisson Regression with Survey Weights
Zelig-probit-bayes-classBayesian Probit Regression
Zelig-probit-classProbit Regression for Dichotomous Dependent Variables
Zelig-probit-gee-classGeneralized Estimating Equation for Probit Regression
Zelig-probit-survey-classProbit Regression with Survey Weights
zelig_qi_to_dfExtract simulated quantities of interest from a zelig object
Zelig-quantile-classQuantile Regression for Continuous Dependent Variables
Zelig-relogit-classRare Events Logistic Regression for Dichotomous Dependent...
zelig_setx_to_dfExtracted fitted values from a Zelig object with 'setx'...
Zelig-survey-classSurvey models in Zelig for weights for complex sampling...
Zelig-timeseries-classTime-series models in Zelig
Zelig-tobit-bayes-classBayesian Tobit Regression
Zelig-tobit-classLinear Regression for a Left-Censored Dependent Variable
Zelig.urlTable of links for Zelig
Zelig-weibull-classWeibull Regression for Duration Dependent Variables
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