Man pages for biomod2
Ensemble Platform for Species Distribution Modeling

BinaryTransformation-methodsConvert species' probability of occurrence into binary...
biomod2.inner-methodsbiomod2 internal functions
biomod2_model-classbiomod2 models objects class and functions
biomod2-packageSpecies Distribution Modeling within an Ensemble Forecasting...
BIOMOD_ConvertOldRunConvert objects and outputs from BIOMOD.xx into biomod2.xx...
BIOMOD_cvCustom models cross-validation procedure
BIOMOD_EnsembleForecastingEnsemble projections of species over space and time
BIOMOD_EnsembleModelingCreate and evaluate an ensemble set of models and predictions
BIOMOD.EnsembleModeling.out-methodsBIOMOD.EnsembleModeling.out getters
BIOMOD.EnsembleModeling.out-objectsBIOMOD_EnsembleModeling() outputs objects class outputs objects class
BIOMOD_FormatingDataInitialize the datasets for usage in 'biomod2'
BIOMOD_LoadModelsLoad models built within BIOMOD_Modeling function
BIOMOD_ModelingRun a range of species distribution models
BIOMOD_ModelingOptionsConfigure the modeling options for each selected model
BIOMOD.Model.Options-objectsBIOMOD_ModelingOptions outputs objects class
BIOMOD.models.out-classBIOMOD_modelling() outputs objects class
BIOMOD.models.out-methodsBIOMOD.models.out getters
BIOMOD_presenceonlyevaluate models with presences only metrics
BIOMOD_ProjectionProject the calibrated models within 'biomod2' into new space...
BIOMOD.projection.out-classBIOMOD_Projection() outputs objects class
BIOMOD.projection.out-methodsBIOMOD.projection.out getters
BIOMOD_RangeSizeAnalysis of the range size changes objects class
BIOMOD.stored.objects-methodsBIOMOD.stored.objects functions
BIOMOD_tuningTune models parameters
calculate.statCalculate evaluation metrics based on a misclassification...
CustomIndexMakerReplace default package Index help file by a custom one.
deprecated_functionsbiomod2 deprecated functions
DF_to_ARRAYConvert a biomod2 data.frame (or list) into array
dot-transform.outputs.arrayReshape biomod2 objects
dot-transform.outputs.listReshape biomod2 objects
evaluatebiomod2 modelling outputs evaluation
FilteringTransformationConvert species' probability of occurrence into binary...
Find.Optim.StatCalculate the best score according to a given evaluation...
full_shufflingdata set shuffling tool
getStatOptimValueget the optimal score of evaluation statistical metrics
level.plotPlot 2-dimensional data for visualizing distribution of...
makeFormulaStandardized formula maker
models_scores_graphProduce models evaluation bi-dimensional graph
multiple.plotPlot and compare prediction maps within BIOMOD
Print_Default_ModelingOptionsGet default values of BIOMOD inner models' options
ProbDensFuncProbability Density Function
randomise_datadata set shuffling tool
response.plotAnalysis of the response curves of a model within Biomod
response.plot2Function for for plotting predicted responses from species...
sample.factor.levelsTool to ensure the sampling of all levels of a factorial...
SampleMat2Sample binary vector
sreSurface Range Envelope
update_objectsupdate biomod2 objects
variables_importanceVariables importance calculation
zzz_bmDummy function to clean working directory after package...
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