Man pages for coloc
Colocalisation Tests of Two Genetic Traits function, function,
bf-methodsBayes factors to compare specific values of eta
coloc.abfFully Bayesian colocalisation analysis using Bayes Factors
colocABF-classClass '"colocABF"' holds objects returned by the 'coloc.abf'...
coloc.abf.datasetsBayesian colocalisation analysis using data.frames
coloc.abf.snpStatsBayesian colocalisation analysis using snpStats objects
coloc.bmaWrapper to use colocalization testing within a Bayesian model...
coloc-classClasses '"coloc"' and '"colocBayes"'
coloc-packageColocalisation tests of two genetic traits
colocPCs-classClass '"colocPCs"'
coloc.testFunction to do colocalisation tests of two traits
coloc.test.summaryColocalisation testing using regression coefficients
etaMethods to extract information from a 'coloc' or 'colocBayes'...
fillinImpute missing genotypes
finemap.abfBayesian finemapping analysis
pcs.prepareFunctions to prepare principle component models for...
plot-methodsPlotting functions for the coloc package
sdY.estEstimate trait variance, internal function
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