enveomics.R: Various Utilities for Microbial Genomics and Metagenomics

A collection of functions for microbial ecology and other applications of genomics and metagenomics. Companion package for the Enveomics Collection (Rodriguez-R, L.M. and Konstantinidis, K.T., 2016 <DOI:10.7287/peerj.preprints.1900v1>).

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AuthorLuis M. Rodriguez-R [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-04-04 06:10:25 UTC
MaintainerLuis M. Rodriguez-R <lmrodriguezr@gmail.com>

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Man pages

enve.barplot: enve barplot

enve.cliopts: enve cliopts

enve.col2alpha: enve col2alpha

enve.col.alpha: enve col alpha

enve.df2dist: enve df2dist

enve.df2dist.group: enve df2dist group

enve.df2dist.list: enve df2dist list

enve.growthcurve: enve growthcurve

enve.GrowthCurve-class: enve.GrowthCurve S4 class

enveomics.R-package: Various Utilities for Microbial Genomics and Metagenomics

enve.prune.dist: enve prune dist

enve.__prune.iter: enve prune iter

enve.__prune.reduce: enve prune reduce

enve.recplot: enve recplot

enve.recplot2: enve recplot2

enve.recplot2.changeCutoff: enve recplot2 changeCutoff

enve.RecPlot2-class: enve.RecPlot2 S4 class

enve.recplot2.corePeak: enve recplot2 corePeak

enve.recplot2.__counts: enve recplot2 counts

enve.recplot2.extractWindows: enve recplot2 extractWindows

enve.recplot2.__findPeak: enve recplot2 findPeak

enve.recplot2.findPeaks: enve recplot2 findPeaks

enve.recplot2.__findPeaks: enve recplot2 findPeaks

enve.RecPlot2.Peak-class: enve.RecPlot2.Peak S4 class

enve.recplot2.__peakHist: enve recplot2 peakHist

enve.recplot2.__whichClosestPeak: enve recplot2 whichClosestPeak

enve.tribs: enve tribs

enve.__tribs: enve tribs

enve.TRIBS-class: enve.TRIBS S4 class

enve.TRIBS.merge: enve TRIBS merge

enve.tribs.test: enve tribs test

enve.TRIBStest-class: enve.TRIBStest S4 class

growth.curves: Bacterial growth curves for three Escherichia coli mutants

phyla.counts: Counts of microbial phyla in four sites

plot.enve.GrowthCurve: plot enve GrowthCurve

plot.enve.RecPlot2: plot enve RecPlot2

plot.enve.TRIBS: plot enve TRIBS

plot.enve.TRIBStest: plot enve TRIBStest

summary.enve.GrowthCurve: summary enve GrowthCurve

summary.enve.TRIBS: summary enve TRIBS

summary.enve.TRIBStest: summary enve TRIBStest

z$-methods: ~~ Methods for Function '$' ~~


$ Man page
enve.barplot Man page
enve.cliopts Man page
enve.col2alpha Man page
enve.col.alpha Man page
enve.df2dist Man page
enve.df2dist.group Man page
enve.df2dist.list Man page
enve.growthcurve Man page
enve.GrowthCurve Man page
enve.GrowthCurve-class Man page
$,enve.GrowthCurve-method Man page
enveomics.R Man page
enveomics.R-package Man page
enve.prune.dist Man page
enve.__prune.iter Man page
enve.__prune.reduce Man page
enve.recplot Man page
enve.recplot2 Man page
enve.RecPlot2 Man page
enve.recplot2.changeCutoff Man page
enve.RecPlot2-class Man page
enve.recplot2.corePeak Man page
enve.recplot2.__counts Man page
enve.recplot2.extractWindows Man page
enve.recplot2.__findPeak Man page
enve.recplot2.findPeaks Man page
enve.recplot2.__findPeaks Man page
$,enve.RecPlot2-method Man page
enve.RecPlot2.Peak Man page
enve.RecPlot2.Peak-class Man page
enve.recplot2.__peakHist Man page
$,enve.RecPlot2.Peak-method Man page
enve.recplot2.__whichClosestPeak Man page
enve.tribs Man page
enve.__tribs Man page
enve.TRIBS Man page
enve.TRIBS-class Man page
enve.TRIBS.merge Man page
enve.tribs.test Man page
enve.TRIBStest Man page
enve.TRIBStest-class Man page
growth.curves Man page
$-methods Man page
phyla.counts Man page
plot.enve.GrowthCurve Man page
plot.enve.RecPlot2 Man page
plot.enve.TRIBS Man page
plot.enve.TRIBStest Man page
summary.enve.GrowthCurve Man page
summary.enve.TRIBS Man page
summary.enve.TRIBStest Man page

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