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Functional Data Analysis and Utilities for Statistical Computing

accuracyPerformance measures for regression and classification models
aemetaemet data
classif.DDDD-Classifier Based on DD-plot
classif.depthClassifier from Functional Data
classif.gkamClassification Fitting Functional Generalized Kernel Additive...
classif.glmClassification Fitting Functional Generalized Linear Models
classif.gsamClassification Fitting Functional Generalized Additive Models
classif.gsam.vsVariable Selection in Functional Data Classification
classif.kfoldFunctional Classification usign k-fold CV
classif.MLFunctional classification using ML algotithms
classif.npKernel Classifier from Functional Data
cond.FConditional Distribution Function
cond.modeConditional mode
cond.quantileConditional quantile
create.fdata.basisCreate Basis Set for Functional Data of fdata class
CV.SThe cross-validation (CV) score
dcor.xyDistance Correlation Statistic and t-Test
depth.fdataComputation of depth measures for functional data
depth.mdataProvides the depth measure for multivariate data
depth.mfdataProvides the depth measure for a list of p-functional data...
DescriptiveDescriptive measures for functional data.
dev.SThe deviance score
dfv.testDelsol, Ferraty and Vieu test for no functional-scalar...
dis.cos.corProximities between functional data
fanova.heteroANOVA for heteroscedastic data
fanova.onefactorOne-way anova model for functional data
fanova.RPmFunctional ANOVA with Random Project.
fdataConverts raw data or other functional data classes into fdata...
fdata2basisCompute fucntional coefficients from functional data...
fdata2fdConverts fdata class object into fd class object
fdata2pcPrincipal components for functional data
fdata2plsPartial least squares components for functional data.
fdata.bootstrapBootstrap samples of a functional statistic
fdata.cenFunctional data centred (subtract the mean of each...
fdata.derivComputes the derivative of functional data object.
fdata.methodsfdata S3 Group Generic Functions
fda.usc.internalfda.usc internal functions
fda.usc-packageFunctional Data Analysis and Utilities for Statistical...
FDRFalse Discorvery Rate (FDR)
fEqDistrib.testTests for checking the equality of distributions between two...
fEqMoments.testTests for checking the equality of means and/or covariance...
flm.FtestF-test for the Functional Linear Model with scalar response
flm.testGoodness-of-fit test for the Functional Linear Model with...
fregre.basisFunctional Regression with scalar response using basis...
fregre.basis.cvCross-validation Functional Regression with scalar response...
fregre.basis.frFunctional Regression with functional response using basis...
fregre.bootstrapBootstrap regression
fregre.gkamFitting Functional Generalized Kernel Additive Models.
fregre.glmFitting Functional Generalized Linear Models
fregre.glm.vsVariable Selection using Functional Linear Models
fregre.glsFit Functional Linear Model Using Generalized Least Squares
fregre.gsamFitting Functional Generalized Spectral Additive Models
fregre.gsam.vsVariable Selection using Functional Additive Models
fregre.iglsFit of Functional Generalized Least Squares Model Iteratively
fregre.lmFitting Functional Linear Models
fregre.npFunctional regression with scalar response using... functional regression with scalar response...
fregre.pcFunctional Regression with scalar response using Principal...
fregre.pc.cvFunctional penalized PC regression with scalar response using...
fregre.plmSemi-functional partially linear model with scalar response.
fregre.plsFunctional Penalized PLS regression with scalar response
fregre.pls.cvFunctional penalized PLS regression with scalar response...
GCCV.SThe generalized correlated cross-validation (GCCV) score.
GCV.SThe generalized correlated cross-validation (GCCV) score
h.defaultCalculation of the smoothing parameter (h) for a functional...
influence.fregre.fdFunctional influence measures
influence_quanQuantile for influence measures
inprod.fdataInner products of Functional Data Objects o class (fdata)
int.simpsonSimpson integration
KernelSymmetric Smoothing Kernels.
Kernel.asymmetricAsymmetric Smoothing Kernel
Kernel.integrateIntegrate Smoothing Kernels.
kmeans.fdK-Means Clustering for functional data
ldataldata class definition and utilities
LMDC.selectImpact points selection of functional predictor and...
MCOMithochondiral calcium overload (MCO) data set
metric.distDistance Matrix Computation
metric.DTWDTW: Dynamic time warping
metric.hausdorffCompute the Hausdorff distances between two curves.
metric.klKullback-Leibler distance
metric.ldataDistance Matrix Computation for ldata and mfdata class object
metric.lpApproximates Lp-metric distances for functional data.
mfdatamfdata class definition and utilities
na.omit.fdataA wrapper for the na.omit and function for fdata...
norm.fdataApproximates Lp-norm for functional data.
ops.fda.uscops.fda.usc Options Settings
optim.basisSelect the number of basis using GCV method.
optim.npSmoothing of functional data using nonparametric kernel...
Outliers.fdataoutliers for functional dataset
PCvM.statisticPCvM statistic for the Functional Linear Model with scalar...
phonemephoneme data
plot.fdataPlot functional data: fdata class object
poblenoupoblenou data
P.penaltyPenalty matrix for higher order differences
predict.classifPredicts from a fitted classif object.
predict.classif.DDPredicts from a fitted classif.DD object.
predict.fregre.fdPredict method for functional linear model (fregre.fd class)
predict.fregre.frPredict method for functional response model
predict.fregre.glsPredictions from a functional gls object
predict.fregre.lmPredict method for functional linear model
rcombfdataUtils for generate functional data
rdir.pcData-driven sampling of random directions guided by sample of...
r.ouOrnstein-Uhlenbeck process
rp.flm.statisticStatistics for testing the functional linear model using...
rp.flm.testGoodness-of fit test for the functional linear model using...
rproc2fdataSimulate several random processes.
rwildWild bootstrap residuals
S.basisSmoothing matrix with roughness penalties by basis...
semimetric.basisProximities between functional data
semimetric.NPFDAProximities between functional data (semi-metrics)
S.npSmoothing matrix by nonparametric methods
summary.classifSummarizes information from kernel classification methods.
summary.fdata.compCorrelation for functional data by Principal Component...
summary.fregre.fdSummarizes information from fregre.fd objects.
summary.fregre.gkamSummarizes information from fregre.gkam objects.
tecatortecator data
Var.ySampling Variance estimates
weights4classWeighting tools
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