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R Interface for 'H2O'

aaaStarting H2O For examples
and-andLogical and for H2OFrames
applyApply on H2O Datasets
as.character.H2OFrameConvert an H2OFrame to a String parsed H2O data into an R data frame
as.factorConvert H2O Data to Factors
as.h2oCreate H2OFrame
as.matrix.H2OFrameConvert an H2OFrame to a matrix
as.numericConvert H2O Data to Numeric
as.vector.H2OFrameConvert an H2OFrame to a vector
australiaAustralia Coastal Data
colnamesReturns the column names of an H2OFrame
dim.H2OFrameReturns the Dimensions of an H2OFrame
dimnames.H2OFrameColumn names of an H2OFrame
generate_col_indCHeck to see if the column names/indices entered is valid for...
h2o.absCompute the absolute value of x
h2o.acosCompute the arc cosine of x
h2o.aggregated_frameRetrieve an aggregated frame from an Aggregator model
h2o.aggregatorBuild an Aggregated Frame
h2o.aicRetrieve the Akaike information criterion (AIC) value
h2o.allGiven a set of logical vectors, are all of the values true?
h2o.anomalyAnomaly Detection via H2O Deep Learning Model
h2o.anyGiven a set of logical vectors, is at least one of the values...
h2o.anyFactorCheck H2OFrame columns for factors
h2o.arrangeSorts an H2O frame by columns
h2o.ascharacterConvert H2O Data to Characters
h2o.as_dateConvert between character representations and objects of Date...
h2o.asfactorConvert H2O Data to Factors
h2o.asnumericConvert H2O Data to Numerics
h2o.assignRename an H2O object.
h2o.aucRetrieve the AUC
h2o.automlAutomatic Machine Learning
H2OAutoML-classThe H2OAutoML class
h2o.betweenssGet the between cluster sum of squares
h2o.biasesReturn the respective bias vector
h2o.bottomNH2O bottomN
h2o.cbindCombine H2O Datasets by Columns
h2o.ceilingTake a single numeric argument and return a numeric vector...
h2o.centersRetrieve the Model Centers
h2o.centersSTDRetrieve the Model Centers STD
h2o.centroid_statsRetrieve centroid statistics
h2o.clearLogDelete All H2O R Logs
h2o.clusterInfoPrint H2O cluster info
H2OClusteringModel-classThe H2OClusteringModel object.
h2o.clusterIsUpDetermine if an H2O cluster is up or not
h2o.cluster_sizesRetrieve the cluster sizes
h2o.clusterStatusReturn the status of the cluster
h2o.coefReturn the coefficients that can be applied to the...
h2o.coef_normReturn coefficients fitted on the standardized data (requires...
h2o.colnamesReturn column names of an H2OFrame
h2o.columns_by_typeObtain a list of columns that are specified by 'coltype'
h2o.computeGramCompute weighted gram matrix.
h2o.confusionMatrixAccess H2O Confusion Matrices
h2o.connectConnect to a running H2O instance.
H2OConnection-classThe H2OConnection class.
h2o.corCorrelation of columns.
h2o.cosCompute the cosine of x
h2o.coshCompute the hyperbolic cosine of x
h2o.coxphTrains a Cox Proportional Hazards Model (CoxPH) on an H2O...
H2OCoxPHModel-classThe H2OCoxPHModel object.
H2OCoxPHModelSummary-classThe H2OCoxPHModelSummary object.
h2o.createFrameData H2OFrame Creation in H2O
h2o.cross_validation_fold_assignmentRetrieve the cross-validation fold assignment
h2o.cross_validation_holdout_predictionsRetrieve the cross-validation holdout predictions
h2o.cross_validation_modelsRetrieve the cross-validation models
h2o.cross_validation_predictionsRetrieve the cross-validation predictions
h2o.cummaxReturn the cumulative max over a column or across a row
h2o.cumminReturn the cumulative min over a column or across a row
h2o.cumprodReturn the cumulative product over a column or across a row
h2o.cumsumReturn the cumulative sum over a column or across a row
h2o.cutCut H2O Numeric Data to Factor
h2o.dayConvert Milliseconds to Day of Month in H2O Datasets
h2o.dayOfWeekConvert Milliseconds to Day of Week in H2O Datasets
h2o.dctCompute DCT of an H2OFrame
h2o.ddplySplit H2O Dataset, Apply Function, and Return Results
h2o.decryptionSetupSetup a Decryption Tool
h2o.deepfeaturesFeature Generation via H2O Deep Learning or DeepWater Model
h2o.deeplearningBuild a Deep Neural Network model using CPUs
h2o.deepwaterBuild a Deep Learning model using multiple native GPU...
h2o.deepwater.availableDetermines whether Deep Water is available
h2o.describeH2O Description of A Dataset
h2o.diffConduct a lag 1 transform on a numeric H2OFrame column
h2o.dimReturns the number of rows and columns for an H2OFrame...
h2o.dimnamesColumn names of an H2OFrame
h2o.distanceCompute a pairwise distance measure between all rows of two...
h2o.downloadAllLogsDownload H2O Log Files to Disk
h2o.downloadCSVDownload H2O Data to Disk
h2o.download_mojoDownload the model in MOJO format.
h2o.download_pojoDownload the Scoring POJO (Plain Old Java Object) of an H2O...
h2o.entropyShannon entropy
h2o.expCompute the exponential function of x
h2o.exportFileExport an H2O Data Frame (H2OFrame) to a File or to a...
h2o.exportHDFSExport a Model to HDFS
h2o.filterNAColsFilter NA Columns
h2o.find_row_by_thresholdFind the threshold, give the max metric. No duplicate...
h2o.findSynonymsFind synonyms using a word2vec model.
h2o.find_threshold_by_max_metricFind the threshold, give the max metric
h2o.floorTake a single numeric argument and return a numeric vector...
h2o.flowOpen H2O Flow
H2OFrameS3 Group Generic Functions for H2O
H2OFrame-classThe H2OFrame class
H2OFrame-ExtractExtract or Replace Parts of an H2OFrame Object
h2o.gainsLiftAccess H2O Gains/Lift Tables
h2o.gbmBuild gradient boosted classification or regression trees
h2o.getAutoMLGet an R object that is a subclass of H2OAutoML
h2o.getConnectionRetrieve an H2O Connection
h2o.getFrameGet an R Reference to an H2O Dataset, that will NOT be GC'd...
h2o.getFutureModelGet future model
h2o.getGLMFullRegularizationPathExtract full regularization path from a GLM model
h2o.getGridGet a grid object from H2O distributed K/V store.
h2o.getIdGet back-end distributed key/value store id from an H2OFrame.
h2o.getModelGet an R reference to an H2O model
h2o.getModelTreeFetchces a single tree of a H2O model. This function is...
h2o.getTimezoneGet the Time Zone on the H2O Cloud Returns a string
h2o.getTypesGet the types-per-column
h2o.getVersionGet h2o version
h2o.giniCoefRetrieve the GINI Coefficcient
h2o.glmFit a generalized linear model
h2o.glrmGeneralized low rank decomposition of an H2O data frame
h2o.grepSearch for matches to an argument pattern
h2o.gridH2O Grid Support
H2OGrid-classH2O Grid
h2o.group_byGroup and Apply by Column
h2o.gsubString Global Substitute
h2o.headReturn the Head or Tail of an H2O Dataset.
h2o.histCompute A Histogram
h2o.hit_ratio_tableRetrieve the Hit Ratios
h2o.hourConvert Milliseconds to Hour of Day in H2O Datasets
h2o.ifelseH2O Apply Conditional Statement
h2o.importFileImport Files into H2O
h2o.import_sql_selectImport SQL table that is result of SELECT SQL query into H2O
h2o.import_sql_tableImport SQL Table into H2O
h2o.imputeBasic Imputation of H2O Vectors
h2o.initInitialize and Connect to H2O
h2o.insertMissingValuesInsert Missing Values into an H2OFrame
h2o.interactionCategorical Interaction Feature Creation in H2O
h2o.ischaracterCheck if character
h2o.is_clientCheck Client Mode Connection
h2o.isfactorCheck if factor
h2o.isnumericCheck if numeric
h2o.kfold_columnProduce a k-fold column vector.
h2o.killMinus3Dump the stack into the JVM's stdout.
h2o.kmeansPerforms k-means clustering on an H2O dataset
h2o.kurtosisKurtosis of a column
H2OLeafNode-classThe H2OLeafNode class.
h2o.levelsReturn the levels from the column requested column.
h2o.list_all_extensionsList all H2O registered extensions
h2o.list_api_extensionsList registered API extensions
h2o.list_core_extensionsList registered core extensions
h2o.listTimezonesList all of the Time Zones Acceptable by the H2O Cloud.
h2o.loadModelLoad H2O Model from HDFS or Local Disk
h2o.logCompute the logarithm of x
h2o.log10Compute the log10 of x
h2o.log1pCompute the log1p of x
h2o.log2Compute the log2 of x
h2o.logAndEchoLog a message on the server-side logs
h2o.loglossRetrieve the Log Loss Value
h2o.lsList Keys on an H2O Cluster
h2o.lstripStrip set from left
h2o.maeRetrieve the Mean Absolute Error Value
h2o.makeGLMModelSet betas of an existing H2O GLM Model
h2o.make_metricsCreate Model Metrics from predicted and actual values in H2O
h2o.matchValue Matching in H2O
h2o.maxReturns the maxima of the input values.
h2o.meanCompute the frame's mean by-column (or by-row).
h2o.mean_per_class_errorRetrieve the mean per class error
h2o.mean_residual_devianceRetrieve the Mean Residual Deviance value
h2o.medianH2O Median
h2o.mergeMerge Two H2O Data Frames
h2o.metricH2O Model Metric Accessor Functions
h2o.minReturns the minima of the input values.
h2o.mktimeCompute msec since the Unix Epoch
H2OModel-classThe H2OModel object.
H2OModelFuture-classH2O Future Model
H2OModelMetrics-classThe H2OModelMetrics Object.
h2o.mojo_predict_csvH2O Prediction from R without having H2O running
h2o.mojo_predict_dfH2O Prediction from R without having H2O running
h2o.monthConvert Milliseconds to Months in H2O Datasets
h2o.mseRetrieves Mean Squared Error Value
h2o.nacntCount of NAs per column
h2o.naiveBayesCompute naive Bayes probabilities on an H2O dataset.
h2o.namesColumn names of an H2OFrame
h2o.na_omitRemove Rows With NAs
h2o.ncharString length
h2o.ncolReturn the number of columns present in x.
h2o.networkTestView Network Traffic Speed
h2o.nlevelsGet the number of factor levels for this frame.
H2ONode-classThe H2ONode class.
h2o.no_progressDisable Progress Bar
h2o.nrowReturn the number of rows present in x.
h2o.null_devianceRetrieve the null deviance
h2o.null_dofRetrieve the null degrees of freedom
h2o.num_iterationsRetrieve the number of iterations.
h2o.num_valid_substringsCount of substrings >= 2 chars that are contained in file
h2o.openLogView H2O R Logs
h2o-packageH2O R Interface
h2o.parseRawH2O Data Parsing
h2o.parseSetupGet a parse setup back for the staged data.
h2o.partialPlotPartial Dependence Plots
h2o.performanceModel Performance Metrics in H2O
h2o.pivotPivot a frame
h2o.prcompPrincipal component analysis of an H2O data frame
h2o.predict_jsonH2O Prediction from R without having H2O running
h2o.printPrint An H2OFrame
h2o.prodReturn the product of all the values present in its...
h2o.proj_archetypesConvert Archetypes to Features from H2O GLRM Model
h2o.quantileQuantiles of H2O Frames.
h2o.r2Retrieve the R2 value
h2o.randomForestBuild a Random Forest model
h2o.rangeReturns a vector containing the minimum and maximum of all...
h2o.rank_within_group_byThis function will add a new column rank where the ranking is...
h2o.rbindCombine H2O Datasets by Rows
h2o.reconstructReconstruct Training Data via H2O GLRM Model
h2o.relevelReorders levels of an H2O factor, similarly to standard R's...
h2o.removeAllRemove All Objects on the H2O Cluster
h2o.removeVecsDelete Columns from an H2OFrame
h2o.rep_lenReplicate Elements of Vectors or Lists into H2O
h2o.residual_devianceRetrieve the residual deviance
h2o.residual_dofRetrieve the residual degrees of freedom
h2o.rmDelete Objects In H2O
h2o.rmseRetrieves Root Mean Squared Error Value
h2o.rmsleRetrieve the Root Mean Squared Log Error
h2o.roundRound doubles/floats to the given number of decimal places.
h2o.rstripStrip set from right
h2o.runifProduce a Vector of Random Uniform Numbers
h2o.saveModelSave an H2O Model Object to Disk
h2o.saveModelDetailsSave an H2O Model Details
h2o.saveMojoSave an H2O Model Object as Mojo to Disk
h2o.scaleScaling and Centering of an H2OFrame
h2o.scoreHistoryRetrieve Model Score History
h2o.sdStandard Deviation of a column of data.
h2o.sdevRetrieve the standard deviations of principal components
h2o.setLevelsSet Levels of H2O Factor Column
h2o.setTimezoneSet the Time Zone on the H2O Cloud
h2o.show_progressEnable Progress Bar
h2o.shutdownShut Down H2O Instance
h2o.signifRound doubles/floats to the given number of significant...
h2o.sinCompute the sine of x
h2o.skewnessSkewness of a column
h2o.splitFrameSplit an H2O Data Set
H2OSplitNode-classThe H2OSplitNode class.
h2o.sqrtCompute the square root of x
h2o.stackedEnsembleBuilds a Stacked Ensemble
h2o.startLoggingStart Writing H2O R Logs
h2o.std_coef_plotPlot Standardized Coefficient Magnitudes
h2o.stopLoggingStop Writing H2O R Logs
h2o.strDisplay the structure of an H2OFrame object
h2o.stringdistCompute element-wise string distances between two H2OFrames
h2o.strsplitString Split
h2o.subString Substitute
h2o.sumCompute the frame's sum by-column (or by-row).
h2o.summarySummarizes the columns of an H2OFrame.
h2o.svdSingular value decomposition of an H2O data frame using the...
h2o.tableCross Tabulation and Table Creation in H2O
h2o.tabulateTabulation between Two Columns of an H2OFrame
h2o.tanCompute the tangent of x
h2o.tanhCompute the hyperbolic tangent of x
h2o.target_encode_applyApply Target Encoding Map to Frame
h2o.target_encode_createCreate Target Encoding Map
h2o.toFrameConvert a word2vec model into an H2OFrame
h2o.tokenizeTokenize String
h2o.tolowerConvert strings to lowercase
h2o.topNH2O topN
h2o.totssGet the total sum of squares.
h2o.tot_withinssGet the total within cluster sum of squares.
h2o.toupperConvert strings to uppercase
h2o.transformTransform words (or sequences of words) to vectors using a...
H2OTree-classThe H2OTree class.
h2o.trimTrim Space
h2o.truncTruncate values in x toward 0
h2o.uniqueH2O Unique
h2o.varVariance of a column or covariance of columns.
h2o.varimpRetrieve the variable importance.
h2o.varimp_plotPlot Variable Importances
h2o.weekConvert Milliseconds to Week of Week Year in H2O Datasets
h2o.weightsRetrieve the respective weight matrix
h2o.whichWhich indices are TRUE?
h2o.which_maxWhich indice contains the max value?
h2o.which_minWhich index contains the min value?
h2o.withinssGet the Within SS
h2o.word2vecTrains a word2vec model on a String column of an H2O data...
h2o.xgboostBuild an eXtreme Gradient Boosting model
h2o.xgboost.availableDetermines whether an XGBoost model can be built
h2o.yearConvert Milliseconds to Years in H2O Datasets
housevotesUnited States Congressional Voting Records 1984
irisEdgar Anderson's Iris Data
is.characterCheck if character
is.factorCheck if factor
is.h2oIs H2O Frame object
is.numericCheck if numeric
length-H2OTree-methodOverrides the behavior of length() function on H2OTree class....
Logical-orLogical or for H2OFrames
ModelAccessorsAccessor Methods for H2OModel Object
names.H2OFrameColumn names of an H2OFrame
plot.H2OModelPlot an H2O Model
plot.H2OTabulatePlot an H2O Tabulate Heatmap
predict.H2OAutoMLPredict on an AutoML object
predict.H2OModelPredict on an H2O Model
predict_leaf_node_assignment.H2OModelPredict the Leaf Node Assignment on an H2O Model
print.H2OFramePrint An H2OFrame
print.H2OTablePrint method for H2OTable objects
prostateProstate Cancer Study
range.H2OFrameRange of an H2O Column
staged_predict_proba.H2OModelPredict class probabilities at each stage of an H2O Model
str.H2OFrameDisplay the structure of an H2OFrame object
summary-H2OCoxPHModel-methodSummary method for H2OCoxPHModel objects
summary-H2OGrid-methodFormat grid object in user-friendly way
summary-H2OModel-methodPrint the Model Summary
use.packageUse optional package
walkingMuscular Actuations for Walking Subject
zzzShutdown H2O cloud after examples run
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