Man pages for hydroTSM
Time Series Management, Analysis and Interpolation for Hydrological Modelling

annualfunctionAnnual Function
daily2annual(sub)Daily/Monthly -> Annual
daily2monthly(sub)Daily -> Monthly
dipDays in Period
diyDays in Year
dm2seasonal(sub)Daily/Monthly -> Seasonal Values
drawxaxisCustomized Time Axis
dwdaysAmount of dry/wet days in a time series
dwiDays with Information
EbroCatchmentsCHESubcatchments of the Ebro River basin (Spain)
EbroDEM1000mDigital Elevation Model (DEM) of the Ebro River basin (Spain)
EbroPPgisSpatial location of raingauges on the Ebro River basin
EbroPPtsMonthlyEbro Monthly Precipitation Time Series
extractExtract from Zoo
fdcFlow Duration Curve
fdcuFlow Duration Curve with uncertainty bounds.
gists2sptTime Series and GIS Info -> (pseudo)Spatio-Temporal Object
hipHours in Period
hydrokrigeKrige for Hydrological Time Series
hydropairsVisual Correlation Matrix
hydroplotHydrological time series plotting and extraction.
hydroTSM-internalInternal hydroTSM objects
hydroTSM-packageManagement, analysis, interpolation and plot of hydrological...
hypsometricHypsometric Curve
infillxyInfills NA values
istdxInverse Standarization
izoo2rzooIrregular Zoo -> Regular Zoo
KarameaAtGorgeQtsKaramea at Gorge, time series of hourly streamflows
maMoving Average
MaquehueTemucoSan Martino, ts of daily precipitation.
mipMonths in Period
monthlyfunctionMonthly Function
mspplotMultiple spplot
OcaEnOnaQtsOca in "Ona" (Q0931), time series of daily streamflows.
rm1stcharRemove First Character(s)
SanMartinoPPtsSan Martino, ts of daily precipitation.
seasonalfunctionSeasonal Function
sfreqSampling Frequency
sname2tsStation Name -> Time Series
subdaily2dailySub-daily -> Daily
time2seasonDate/DateTime character -> Seasonal character
vector2zooVector -> Zoo
yipYears in Period
zoo2RHtestZoo -> RHTest
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