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vector2zooR Documentation

Vector -> Zoo


Transform a numeric vector and its corresponding dates into a zoo object.


vector2zoo(x, dates, date.fmt = "%Y-%m-%d")



numeric vector


character, factor, Date or POSIXct object with the dates corresponding to each element of x. Valid object class for dates are: character, factor, Date, POSIXct


character indicating the format in which the dates are stored in dates, e.g. %Y-%m-%d. See ‘Details’ section in strptime.
ONLY required when class(dates)=="factor" or class(dates)=="character".


a zoo object, with values given by x and time stamps given by dates


Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini, mzb.devel@gmail

See Also

zoo, izoo2rzoo, dip, mip, yip


## Example1: creating daily data

# Generating a numeric variable (e.g., read from the outputs of an hydrological model)
x <- 1:31

# Generating the dates corresponding to the previous values
dates <- dip("1961-01-01", "1961-01-31")

## Transforming from 'numeric' to 'zoo' class
z <- vector2zoo(x, dates)

## Example2: creating hourly data

# Generating a numeric variable
x <- rnorm(7)

# Generating hourly times since 17:00:00 up to 23:00:00 for 2012-Oct-15
dates <- ISOdatetime(2012, 10, 15, 17:23, 00, 0)

## Transforming from 'numeric' to 'zoo' class
z <- vector2zoo(x, dates)

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