meta: General Package for Meta-Analysis

User-friendly general package providing standard methods for meta-analysis and supporting Schwarzer, Carpenter, and Rücker <DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-21416-0>, "Meta-Analysis with R" (2015): - fixed effect and random effects meta-analysis; - several plots (forest, funnel, Galbraith / radial, L'Abbe, Baujat, bubble); - statistical tests and trim-and-fill method to evaluate bias in meta-analysis; - import data from 'RevMan 5'; - prediction interval, Hartung-Knapp and Paule-Mandel method for random effects model; - cumulative meta-analysis and leave-one-out meta-analysis; - meta-regression (if R package 'metafor' is installed); - generalised linear mixed models (if R packages 'metafor', 'lme4', 'numDeriv', and 'BiasedUrn' are installed).

AuthorGuido Schwarzer [cre, aut]
Date of publication2017-03-17 11:06:57 UTC
MaintainerGuido Schwarzer <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

amlodipine: Amlodipine for Work Capacity Additional functions for objects of class meta

baujat: Baujat plot to explore heterogeneity in meta-analysis

bubble: Bubble plot to display the result of a meta-regression

ci: Calculation of confidence intervals (based on normal...

cisapride: Cisapride in Non-Ulcer Dispepsia

Fleiss93: Aspirin after Myocardial Infarction

Fleiss93cont: Mental Health Treatment

forest: Forest plot to display the result of a meta-analysis

funnel: Plot to assess funnel plot asymmetry

gs: Get default for a meta-analysis setting.

labbe: L'Abbe plot for meta-analysis with binary outcomes

metabias: Test for funnel plot asymmetry

metabin: Meta-analysis of binary outcome data

metacont: Meta-analysis of continuous outcome data

metacor: Meta-analysis of correlations

metacr: Meta-analysis of outcome data from Cochrane review

metacum: Cumulative meta-analysis

metagen: Generic inverse variance meta-analysis

metainc: Meta-analysis of incidence rates

metainf: Influence analysis in meta-analysis using leave-one-out...

meta-package: meta: Brief overview of methods and general hints

metaprop: Meta-analysis of single proportions

metarate: Meta-analysis of single incidence rates

metareg: Meta-regression

Olkin95: Thrombolytic Therapy after Acute Myocardial Infarction

print.meta: Print and summary method for objects of class meta

print.rm5: Print and summary methods for objects of class rm5

read.mtv: Import RevMan 4 data files (.mtv)

read.rm5: Import RevMan 5 data files (.csv)

settings.meta: Print and change default settings to conduct and print or...

smoking: Smoking example

trimfill: Trim-and-fill method to adjust for bias in meta-analysis

update.meta: Update a meta-analysis object

weights.meta: Calculate absolute and percentage weights for meta-analysis

woodyplants: Elevated CO_2 and total biomass of woody plants


amlodipine Man page Man page
baujat Man page
baujat.meta Man page
bubble Man page
bubble.metareg Man page
ci Man page
cilayout Man page
cisapride Man page
Fleiss93 Man page
Fleiss93cont Man page
Fleiss93_CR Man page
forest Man page
forest.meta Man page
funnel Man page
funnel.default Man page
funnel.meta Man page
galbraith Man page
gs Man page
labbe Man page
labbe.default Man page
labbe.metabin Man page
lungcancer Man page
metabias Man page
metabias.default Man page
metabias.meta Man page
metabias.rm5 Man page
metabin Man page
metacont Man page
metacor Man page
metacr Man page
metacum Man page
metagen Man page
metainc Man page
metainf Man page
meta-package Man page
metaprop Man page
metarate Man page
metareg Man page
Olkin95 Man page
print.meta Man page
print.metabias Man page
print.rm5 Man page
print.summary.meta Man page
print.summary.rm5 Man page
radial Man page
radial.default Man page
radial.meta Man page
read.mtv Man page
read.rm5 Man page
settings.meta Man page
smoking Man page
summary.meta Man page
summary.rm5 Man page
trimfill Man page
trimfill.default Man page
trimfill.meta Man page
update.meta Man page
weights.meta Man page
woodyplants Man page


meta/R/estimate.missing.R meta/R/chkmiss.R meta/R/baujat.meta.R meta/R/calcH.R meta/R/setchar.R meta/R/metabias.meta.R meta/R/metaprop.R meta/R/read.rm5.R meta/R/metacum.R meta/R/metainf.R meta/R/update.meta.R meta/R/bubble.metareg.R meta/R/updateversion.R meta/R/trimfill.meta.R meta/R/metareg.R meta/R/kentau.R meta/R/labbe.metabin.R meta/R/metacont.R meta/R/setunit.R meta/R/meta-internal.R meta/R/format.NA.R meta/R/hetcalc.R meta/R/linregcore.R meta/R/isquared.R meta/R/warnarg.R meta/R/asin2p.R meta/R/setstudlab.R meta/R/metarate.R meta/R/print.summary.rm5.R meta/R/funnel.default.R meta/R/is.relative.effect.R meta/R/trimfill.R meta/R/backtransf.R meta/R/metabias.default.R meta/R/subgroup.R meta/R/radial.meta.R meta/R/chkclass.R meta/R/chkmetafor.R meta/R/xlab.R meta/R/bylabel.R meta/R/catmeth.R meta/R/forest-internal.R meta/R/is.installed.package.R meta/R/funnel.meta.R meta/R/crtitle.R meta/R/z2cor.R meta/R/metacor.R meta/R/ meta/R/radial.R meta/R/summary.rm5.R meta/R/print.meta.R meta/R/format.p.R meta/R/paulemandel.R meta/R/funnel.R meta/R/chknull.R meta/R/settings.meta.R meta/R/hypergeometric.R meta/R/bubble.R meta/R/ciWilsonScore.R meta/R/print.rm5.R meta/R/cilayout.R meta/R/gs.R meta/R/metabias.rm5.R meta/R/ciAgrestiCoull.R meta/R/metacr.R meta/R/bylevs.R meta/R/labbe.default.R meta/R/print.metabias.R meta/R/trimfill.default.R meta/R/chklevel.R meta/R/logit2p.R meta/R/byvarname.R meta/R/radial.default.R meta/R/read.mtv.R meta/R/metabin.R meta/R/chknumeric.R meta/R/ciSimpleAsymptotic.R meta/R/metainc.R meta/R/Rb.R meta/R/chklogical.R meta/R/weights.meta.R meta/R/metagen.R meta/R/forest.meta.R meta/R/baujat.R meta/R/metabias.R meta/R/rmSpace.R meta/R/summary.meta.R meta/R/chklength.R meta/R/int2num.R meta/R/npn.R meta/R/chkchar.R meta/R/ci.R meta/R/labbe.R meta/R/p2logit.R meta/R/asin2ir.R meta/R/print.summary.meta.R meta/R/format.tau.R meta/R/ meta/R/forest.R
meta/man/metabin.Rd meta/man/bubble.Rd meta/man/Fleiss93cont.Rd meta/man/forest.Rd meta/man/amlodipine.Rd meta/man/print.rm5.Rd meta/man/ci.Rd meta/man/settings.meta.Rd meta/man/metagen.Rd meta/man/read.rm5.Rd meta/man/Fleiss93.Rd meta/man/metareg.Rd meta/man/labbe.Rd meta/man/funnel.Rd meta/man/woodyplants.Rd meta/man/meta-package.Rd meta/man/metacr.Rd meta/man/metainf.Rd meta/man/metaprop.Rd meta/man/metainc.Rd meta/man/trimfill.Rd meta/man/read.mtv.Rd meta/man/baujat.Rd meta/man/Olkin95.Rd meta/man/metacor.Rd meta/man/metarate.Rd meta/man/print.meta.Rd meta/man/metacont.Rd meta/man/weights.meta.Rd meta/man/smoking.Rd meta/man/ meta/man/cisapride.Rd meta/man/metacum.Rd meta/man/gs.Rd meta/man/metabias.Rd meta/man/update.meta.Rd

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