amlodipine: Amlodipine for Work Capacity

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Amlodipine for Work Capacity


Meta-analysis on the effect of amlodipine on work capacity.

This meta-analysis is used as a data example in Hartung and Knapp (2001).


A data frame with the following columns:

study study label
n.amlo number of observations in amlodipine group
mean.amlo estimated mean in amlodipine group
var.amlo variance in amlodipine group
n.plac number of observations in placebo group
mean.plac estimated mean in placebo group
var.plac variance in placebo group


Hartung J & Knapp G (2001): On tests of the overall treatment effect in meta-analysis with normally distributed responses. Statistics in Medicine, 20, 1771–82

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m <- metacont(n.amlo, mean.amlo, sqrt(var.amlo),
  n.plac, mean.plac, sqrt(var.plac),
  data = amlodipine, studlab = study,
  method.tau = "DL") <- update(m, = "HK")

# Same results for mean difference as in Table III in Hartung and
# Knapp (2001)
vars.common <- c("TE.common", "lower.common", "upper.common")
vars.random <- c("TE.random", "lower.random", "upper.random")
res.common <-[vars.common])
names(res.common) <- vars.random
# <- rbind(res.common,[vars.random]),[vars.random]))
# <- round(, 5)
row.names( <- c("CE", "RE", "RE (HaKn)")
names( <- c("Absolute difference", "CI lower", "CI upper")

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