Man pages for meta
General Package for Meta-Analysis

amlodipineAmlodipine for Work Capacity functions for objects of class meta
baujatBaujat plot to explore heterogeneity in meta-analysis
bubbleBubble plot to display the result of a meta-regression
ciCalculation of confidence intervals (based on normal...
cisaprideCisapride in Non-Ulcer Dispepsia
Fleiss93Aspirin after Myocardial Infarction
Fleiss93contMental Health Treatment
forestForest plot to display the result of a meta-analysis
funnelPlot to assess funnel plot asymmetry
gsGet default for a meta-analysis setting.
labbeL'Abbe plot for meta-analysis with binary outcomes
metabiasTest for funnel plot asymmetry
metabinMeta-analysis of binary outcome data
metabindCombine meta-analysis objects
metacontMeta-analysis of continuous outcome data
metacorMeta-analysis of correlations
metacrMeta-analysis of outcome data from Cochrane review
metacumCumulative meta-analysis
metagenGeneric inverse variance meta-analysis
metaincMeta-analysis of incidence rates
metainfInfluence analysis in meta-analysis using leave-one-out...
metameanMeta-analysis of single means
meta-packagemeta: Brief overview of methods and general hints
metapropMeta-analysis of single proportions
metarateMeta-analysis of single incidence rates
Olkin95Thrombolytic Therapy after Acute Myocardial Infarction
print.metaPrint and summary method for objects of class meta
print.rm5Print and summary methods for objects of class rm5
read.mtvImport RevMan 4 data files (.mtv)
read.rm5Import RevMan 5 data files (.csv)
settings.metaPrint and change default settings to conduct and print or...
smokingSmoking example
trimfillTrim-and-fill method to adjust for bias in meta-analysis
update.metaUpdate a meta-analysis object
weights.metaCalculate absolute and percentage weights for meta-analysis
woodyplantsElevated CO_2 and total biomass of woody plants
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