Fleiss1993cont: Mental Health Treatment

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Mental Health Treatment


Meta-analysis on the Effect of Mental Health Treatment on Medical Utilisation.

Data example in Fleiss (1993) for meta-analysis with continuous outcomes.


A data frame with the following columns:

study study label
year year of publication
n.psyc number of observations in psychotherapy group
mean.psyc estimated mean in psychotherapy group
sd.psyc standard deviation in psychotherapy group
n.cont number of observations in control group
mean.cont estimated mean in control group
sd.cont standard deviation in control group


Fleiss JL (1993): The statistical basis of meta-analysis. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 2, 121–45

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# Note, the following command uses the bias-corrected version of
# Hedges' g. Accordingly, results differ from Fleiss (1993), section 3,
# using the uncorrected version of Hedges' g.
metacont(n.psyc, mean.psyc, sd.psyc, n.cont, mean.cont, sd.cont,
  data = Fleiss1993cont, studlab = paste(study, year),
  random = FALSE, sm = "SMD")

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