cisapride: Cisapride in Non-Ulcer Dispepsia

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Cisapride in Non-Ulcer Dispepsia


Meta-analysis on cisapride in non-ulcer dispepsia.

This meta-analysis is used as a data example in Hartung and Knapp (2001).


A data frame with the following columns:

study study label
event.cisa number of events in cisapride group
n.cisa number of observations in cisapride group
event.plac number of events in placebo group
n.plac number of observations in placebo group


Hartung J & Knapp G (2001): A refined method for the meta-analysis of controlled clinical trials with binary outcome. Statistics in Medicine, 20, 3875–89

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m.or <- metabin(event.cisa, n.cisa, event.plac, n.plac,
  data = cisapride, sm = "OR",
  method = "Inverse", method.tau = "DL",
  studlab = study, method.incr = "all") <- update(m.or, = "HK")
m.rr <- update(m.or, sm = "RR") <- update(m.or, sm = "RR", = "HK")

vars.common <- c("TE.common", "lower.common", "upper.common")
vars.random <- c("TE.random", "lower.random", "upper.random")
res.common.or <-[vars.common])
names(res.common.or) <- vars.random
res.common.rr <-[vars.common])
names(res.common.rr) <- vars.random

# Results for log risk ratio - see Table VII in Hartung and Knapp (2001) 
res.rr <- rbind(res.common.rr,[vars.random]),[vars.random]))
row.names(res.rr) <- c("CE", "RE", "RE (HaKn)")
names(res.rr) <- c("Log risk ratio", "CI lower", "CI upper")

# Results for log odds ratio (Table VII in Hartung and Knapp 2001) 
res.or <- rbind(res.common.or,[vars.random]),[vars.random]))
row.names(res.or) <- c("CE", "RE", "RE (HaKn)")
names(res.or) <- c("Log odds ratio", "CI lower", "CI upper")

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